The EWN Forums!


Hi all. I’m here to talk, and try and encourage you to take part, sign up, and join the EWN forums, which can be found here:

I’m aware that you’re all commenting and so on on articles and news bits via Disqus, but do you feel that you’re getting a good wrestling talk experience that way? Do you feel that you’re able to express your opinions to everyone in the best way possible this way?

I’m of the opinion that this format is much akin to the comments section on youtube, and isn’t the best way to talk and discuss wrestling in a community and in an environment where your opinions can be expressed and be heard, as well as being able to discuss your opinions and debate them in an efficient manner with other, like minded, people.

The EWN forums have been going for about 7 years now and we have built up a very close, welcoming community that will embrace you and take you in as one of our own. We enjoy discussing all sorts of topics from the goings on of the WWE, to TNA, the indys and International wrestling, to other general sports, music, video games as well as just general every day chit chat. We even have our very own E-Fed where you can create your own wrestler and participate in a wrestling company and compete against others to become a champion!

There’s something for everyone and everyone has something that they enjoy in our community. Why not sign up and give it a go?!

Unfortunately, the link marked ‘Forums’ on the top of the main page no longer links to the EWN forums for some reason, so please follow the following link and you’ll be directed to the original EWN forums! Hope to see you around and catch you on the boards!


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