The Issue With WWE PPV’s


Royal Rumble. Elimination Chamber. Extreme Rules. Money In The Bank. Hell In A Cell. Survivor Series. TLC. What do all of these PPV’s have in common? They are named after specific match stipulations. This has been going on in WWE since about 2009 and continued to add on more PPV’s based on a certain type of match. This is a very big issue in my opinion regarding PPV’s. Let’s take a look.

Now with the exception of the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series (they are tradition), every other PPV has been named after a specific match. Remember when the first Elimination Chamber was held at the Survivor Series? Remember when the Money In The Bank ladder match was always held at WrestleMania? Remember when Hell In A Cell was held at a different PPV? Peppridge Farm remembers (Family Guy reference). You see, take a look at this past Sunday’s TLC PPV. Only one match, count them, ONE match was held under TLC rules. There was no ladder match for the tag titles, no other matches utilizing chairs, and certainly no other match using tables. Only one match. So why is it named TLC? So they set up all of those tables, ladders and chairs by the entrance just for nothing? Why was it named TLC? Because the main event is a TLC match? At Hell In A Cell, there were only two Hell In A Cell matches, with one of them being the same exact match from last year with the same winner and same people. Only Heyman was aligned with Punk last year. So, if we are going to start adding PPV’s by match stipulation, why don’t we replace Night of Champions with Steel Cage?

The issue with these PPV names is that they give you the impression that every match would be held under that specific match type. And besides, why even name the PPV after the match stipulation? They really can’t come up with anything better? Remember the days in the Attitude Era where you would have special match types at PPV’s? Remember PPV’s such as Backlash, Unforgiven, No Way Out, and my personal favorite, Armageddon? This is how the quality of PPV’s decrease. It is isn’t just the card that lacks, but it is the name of the PPV. I mean, it kind of shows how short minded WWE creative is when it comes to these things. Not every match at the Elimination Chamber PPV will be in an Elimination Chamber. It’s only a match that is featured there. I know that it is wishful thinking that these certain PPV’s that we used to know will come back due to the extremity of the PG era. However, it kind of shows how far the quality of PPV’s has drifted over the years.

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