The Jaxson Five – SummerSlam 2019 Preview


“The Jaxson Five – SummerSlam 2019 Preview”

Darwin Jaxson

August 8, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of The Jaxson Five! Instead of doing a regular preview for SummerSlam, I’m going to choose five things that I’m most excited to see happen this Sunday. This could be a match, segment or whatever I want it to be. Don’t worry though, I’ll post a longer and proper review sometime after the event. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback on the format. Thanks!

Attempted murder

With mere seconds left on my DVR, SmackDown Live ended with a serious accusation thrown at Rowan. After what seemed like two separate, but connected, attempts on his life, Roman Reigns wanted some answers. Buddy Murphy was his unfortunate prey as he forced him to give him a name in a backstage segment.

In a YouTube video posted later that night after SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan and Rowan were furious. Daniel defended his friends honor when he rightly asked, “What would you do if I pinned your head to the wall and I said you couldn’t leave until you gave me a name? I guarantee you- you would give me a name.”

Daniel’s final line makes it seem to me that he will be the one behind this. After saying he doesn’t know Buddy Murphy and he doesn’t care about Roman Reigns, he concludes with “[a]ll I know is, Rowan has nothing to do with this.” Will DBD admit to it at SummerSlam and give us an “impromptu” match between he and Reigns? Will we continue to get backstage segments that builds to the big reveal weeks down the line? Or will we get swerved and it will end up being Buddy Murphy after all? That possibly also is exciting as Murphy would have lied to throw Rowan under the bus, keeping any suspicions away from him.

The Return of a Legend

Charlotte Flair was able to secure a spot on the show desire not having a title shot. She called out all of the legends that returned at last months Raw Reunion. Charlotte wants all of glory and felt that the Legends were trying to take some of it away. This did not sit well with Trish Stratus, who later returned during an interview with Jerry “The King” Lawler. She called out Charlotte and now we’ll see the two face off this Sunday.

This is special treat for the local fans of Toronto, who can usually be counted on to be a loud and energetic crowd. This may not steal the show, but this will definitely be a moment that the hometown crowd will appreciate.

RKO Thinks You’re Stupid!

Great video package this week showing what happened years ago between Kofi Kingston and RKO. That original match against Orton on Raw was great and it was supposed to lead to his first sustained push. But after the match ended, Randy shouted “Stupid! Stupid!” loudly enough to picked up by the mics and we could all hear it. What we didn’t hear was the backstage tantrum thrown by RKO towards Kofi, thus ending his push until years later.

Whether the animosity between the two was squashed long ago or not, it brings a realism to this feud we didn’t even know we needed. Instead of the title belt being the only thing on the line, now we get this added dimension to it. Orton wants to prove that he was right to hold Kofi back while Kofi wants redemption and to further legitimize his first title reign. Hopefully Kofi will win the match and move on to a bigger, badder challenger.

Ricochet vs AJ Styles

I was lucky enough to watch much of AJ Styles’ career from Ring of Honor and later TNA. His ascension to the top of the main event scene in WWE has been fun to watch and I feel that Ricochet is the next generation’s version of AJ Styles. I had not watched any of his matches until he began in NXT but I have yet to not be impressed during one of his matches.

Give these two enough time to tell a story and watch them tear the house down. Gallows and Anderson will likely interfere but hopefully this happens early in the match. Once the referee kicks them out from ringside, Styles and Ricochet can build to the finish with the crowd on the edge of their seats. I really hope this match gets a clean finish- even if it means this is a one time match-up.

“The Fiend” Friends Finn?

No one needed a fresh start more than Bray Wyatt. His return with the new gimmick has seemingly saved his career. He is so talented that it was a shame he was positioned so low on the card (via mostly losing his matches). His character talked the talk, but never walked the walk. The character lost its luster and was no longer feared.

Despite this being the first official match for The Fiend, he has been pushed so strongly that Finn Balor seems to have no shot in winning this match. He shouldn’t either. Finn will get his chance to be on top again eventually but right now is the time to push the new Bray Wyatt to the top. He has been ready for this moment for years and hopefully this is the beginning of something great for him.

El Fin

Thank you for reading the first edition of The Jaxson Five! Please check out the socials below and let me know what you think about it! I plan on doing one of these for all WWE special events and even for All Elite Wrestling PPVs. So keep an eye out for the SummerSlam review and then another Jaxson Five at the end of the month for AEW’s All Out.

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