The State Of TNA Wrestling.


That’s why the show is unappealing at the moment, we are still seeing the older names (and those guys don’t sound overly enthusiastic most of the time), and seeing almost no X-Division. The tag team division is put on hold again, and we have two heel factions running wild, but somehow, never crossing paths.


That’s another thing that annoys me about the product at the moment. How can you have a Revolution if the BDC is taking everything over? And what is the point in The Revolution anyway? Why is it taking so long to get to the point? And why did the BDC randomly form when guys like Samoa Joe were fighting against MVP only a few months ago? It’s booking like that which makes the show unappealing to some. We are always criticizing WWE for talking to us like babies, but TNA does the same thing too sometimes. Inconsistent booking hurts peoples heads, as fans try to figure out why one guy joined with another guy who he was fighting with only a couple of months ago.

Still very much a fan of TNA Wrestling. Do I get some hate for that? Sure, I do, but I don’t care. I love wrestling in general, whether it’s “sports-entertainment”, whether it’s Lucha Libre, Hardcore, X-Division or Puroreso. It doesn’t matter to me, because each form has it’s strengths and weaknesses, just like any wrestling company does. 

TNA has done a good job at fixing the Hulk Hogan ass groove that he left on the sofa, but they have still yet to come to terms with who they are as a product. They need to show the excitement from the crowd, from the commentators (I miss Tenay on commentary, Matthews doesn’t get anywhere near as excited as he used to), from the wrestlers, and ultimately try to make the product look and sound more appealing. 

They shouldn’t be afraid to add more colours in general, because the blue, black and white scheme with a dark background looks rather depressing after a while. They also need some comedy, Eric Young was great at bringing comedic value to the show, to ease some of the tension from earlier segments. With EY now playing a heel (really well), we have lost the comedy. Some of you might not care for a laugh during your wrestling program, but I sure as hell do. How many times did you laugh during the Attitude Era at Steve Austin? Or The Rock? Or Vince McMahon? Or Edge & Christian? Comedy is an essential component, otherwise you fall into a never ending pit of anger and sadness.

For those of you who want TNA to succeed, I welcome your contributions to the hilarious comments section below. What can TNA do to make their shows look and sound more appealing? Which wrestlers do you think TNA should push to the moon? Was I right to say that TNA should push the young lions instead of the established names like Angle and Lashley? 

So many questions, so little time. I will end this by thanking you all for reading my random thoughts of the day. For those of you who want to bury the comments section like a Zack Ryder wheelchair segment, keep ’em coming. All you do is help my articles get more views, and that pleases me. Have a nice day!

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