TNA, F’ Yeah.


      TNA has a history of shooting themselves in the foot. The biggest example of this is in my feelings is Somoa Joe. When he enter the
company he was coming off a monster run as Ring of Honors World Heavyweight
Champion. Watching him starting out in TNA when he would come out to the ring
with the blood of his fallen opponents on his towel was truly badass. Joe, along
with the Fallen Angel and Mr. Styles, Joe seemed to be on pace to be the first homegrown
talent to take the reigns of the company, but as time went on I got the impression
that the management was scared. For whatever reason TNA didn’t trust them to take
those great X Division Championship matches to the main event for the World

A.J. received his push, Samoa Joe received on and off halfhearted
pushes and Daniels was just pushed aside. Rumors have that management was
pushing Joe to lose weight and felt fans wouldn’t buy him as a legit main eventer.
Apparently they never heard of Dusty Rhodes, Terry ”Bam Bam” Gordy, Abdullah
the Hepatitis giver, Vader and all of the great fat ass wrestlers that we all
knew could kick some ass. They didn’t trust the intensity of his persona, they didn’t
trust the brutality of his style. They wasted their chance to have a home grown
star that could’ve given them their own identity, and now they’re the cheap
wannabe WWE.            

      Double J, you were in the perfect roll back when you were in
McMahon Land a good mid-carder,
but not the star. What did JJ gain by hogging the main event? At worse, Joe
would have drawn as well as he did. But JJ had to be the star. That’s why I
have little hope for GFW. Don’t get me wrong, if there is some good things
going on I will watch, but Jarrett’s history worries me.

Somoa Joe should’ve been to TNA what Puck was to the WWE,
but TNAs short sighted management didn’t see it, and now they’re on their death
watch. If you agree with what I said please hit TNA’s Twitter account with #firedixie.
So that maybe Panda will get its act together and try to save TNA.      

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