Top 5 Ways WWE Can Make Sure “Evolution” Women’s PPV Is A Success


Last night on RAW, Commissioner Stephanie McMahon made one of WWE’s most historic announcements ever: On October 28th, WWE will host its first ever all women’s show! The women of WWE have worked tirelessly to change the way that their wrestling is viewed by officials, fans, and critics. Since 2013, the #GiveDivasAChance movement has opened doors for not just women in pro wrestling, but women in every sport. The inspiration and positive messages that the likes of Nia Jax, Becky Lynch, or Bayley have spread to little girls around the world is deserving of a PPV itself. Despite this, WWE is infamous for botching PPV’s. With this one being so important and historic, here are the top five things that WWE officials could do to ensure that these hardworking women knock it out of the park.

5. Don’t Overcrowd The Card

Between the RAW and SDL women’s divisions, there is certainly enough talent to fill an entire PPV card, however, like the men in WWE, not everybody can make the card. The first biggest mistake that WWE makes when it comes to PPV’s is watering them down. A four or five hour show with 10+ matches on it won’t even keep a superfan entertained the whole time. WWE needs to pick their best female wrestlers, and have a classic 3 hour show with only 6 or 7 matches. This gives each match quality time to enthrall fans and tell a great story in the ring.

4. Include NXT

The NXT Women’s division is just as hot as the main roster’s. With Champion Shayna Baszler leading the pack, Kairi Sane, Candice Larae, Bianca Belair and Nikki Cross make a solid NXT Women’s roster that runs deep. Including NXT will be vital to the success of this PPV. The developmental brand brings a vibe to the arena that encourages great in ring performance and a big fight feel. This is supported by the fact that NXT has produced FOUR 5-star matches this year alone!

3. Bring Back Legends

Although I believe that a legend shouldn’t always take the spot of a full time young star, a nostalgia pop will be beneficial and entertaining in the show. Even if the likes of Lita or Trish Stratus don’t have in-ring returns, it would be great to see them featured on the show or at least react to the event and its historic significance.

2. Stipulation Matches

Including interesting match stipulations on this card will be key to the success of this PPV. Not only do stipulation matches add hype to the card, but bring in money and are extra entertaining. Creating equal opportunities for women in WWE meant giving them what the men had… which meant Money In The Bank, A Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and Hell In A Cell. Not only have the women knocked it out of the park each time, but they proved that they can hang with the men in the same types of complex and brutal matches. These stipulation matches have been WWE’s most effective way in showing fans the immense amount of trust that HHH and the rest of the higher ups have put in these women, so why not continue the trend on a big stage with the likes of a steel cage, a  tables match, or my number one entry below…

1. Women’s Tag Team Titles

WWE Evolution is not scheduled until October 28th which means WWE has plenty of time to introduce Women’s Tag Team Titles! If WWE has been paying attention to numbers, they would know that tournaments are some of their biggest sources of income in recent years. Since the CWC, WWE has also created two more tournaments like the UKT, and the MYC. These tournaments have been smash hits so I think WWE should hold a Women’s Tag Title Tournament with the finals culminating at WWE Evolution. Whether it’s the Bella Twins, Sasha and Bayley, or Becky and Charlotte, Women’s Tag Champs would change the landscape of WWE forever and ensure a unique buzz for the Evolution event.

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