Top Five Newsworthy Headlines Of The Week


Here at we want to bring you the latest news in pro wrestling, but also the best variety of content on the internet. I wanted to give my take on some of the top news stories of the week. Check it out below:

Evolution Reunites To Take On The Shield

The Hounds of Justice brought out the worst of Triple H. Evolution is back and that is making headlines for WWE programming this week. Evolution was a group created by HHH to bring the next stars up (at the time) to the next level. He handpicked the future stars of WWE (Batista and Randy Orton) He also had right beside him Ric Flair. They went on to dominate WWE from 2003 through 2005. Evolution showed Monday night that they can be the equal dominating force to take on the Shield. Also the two factions will meet on May 4th at Extreme Rules. This was a strategic move by Triple H to fight fire with fire and the two will battle it. Evolution Beatdown the Shield for the first time in their careers on last week’s Raw. How will the Shield respond to the Beatdown is the next question. The Shield needed someone to actually challenge them as a faction and they finally have gotten that chance from Evolution. After a very short feud with the Wyatt Family, I believe this is the real test to see where The Shield ranks among the greatest wrestling factions in history.

WWE Has Finally Black Balled Nancy Grace

The death of Eddie Guerrero in 2005 and the horrific murders that Chris Benoit did in 2007 did not get the attention of WWE. WWE has woken up and stop putting their talents on TV to battle against the Media about things that happened twenty five years. It took a former WWE champion, WWE Hall of Famer, The Ultimate Warrior to pass away to finally wake them up. After the disgusting accusations and words that Nancy Grace had to say when she did a piece over the death of the Warrior, the WWE has finally said enough. As you have read, WWE will not allow current and even former talents to go on her show ever again. I understand that the former performers want to stand up for the wrestling business and their friends that have passed, but you cannot win this war. She does not understand that it is not 1985 anymore and times have changed. For heaven sakes, she thought Owen Hart died of steroid usage. Does that not throw up red flags for you not to go on her show. WWE made the right call, good job.

Ring of Honor Is Coming To Pay-Per-View

All you Ring of Honor fans out there finally get your wish. After WWE put all of their events on the WWE Network, PPV providers have decided to make a change. TNA could not get the job done to make a sufficient amount of money in the PPV business. However, with a different kind of wrestling, maybe ROH can. It was announced this week that ROH would be coming to PPV starting with the Best in the World PPV in June. This is not just a smart move for ROH, but PPV providers in general. It benefits them and their fans. I do not see ROH making headway in the PPV world right out of the gate, but it does mix up the Wrestling business. Maybe this is the break that ROH has been begging for.

Jeff Jarrett Is in the News & It’s Not About GFW

Jeff Jarrett was in the news twice this week; however the news that got the most publicity was that he got into a fight with another Indy promoter over money. Not the best image you want when you are launching your own promotion. Also, it does not look good that he was drunk. Jeff Jarrett needs all the positive news and good publicity he can get right now. I understand that the guy owed him money, which was wrong. However, punching the guy in the face might not have been the greatest way to get his money either. Either way, Jeff Jarrett was in the headlines this week and was not about Global Force Wrestling which he needs to get exposure.

Kane Is Himself Again, Trouble For Daniel Bryan?

The WWE Universe has been knocking Kane for going to the corporate side. Stephanie McMahon brought out the new (Corporate) Kane and now she is bringing back the Monster, the Big Red Machine Kane. As seen on Raw, Kane saw the red light and is going back to his evil ways. It looks like Kane will be headlining Extreme Rules with Bryan next month. The fans have wanted change for Kane and they got it. I never bought into Corporate Kane even if it was closer to the real Glen Jacobs in real life. After so many years of knowing a character, it is hard to just forget that. In this case it did not work to a certain degree and WWE is making the wise choice of going back to what works. Lighting things of Fire and having an anger problem is the way they needed to go. Luckily they acknowledge that.

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