Top 5 WWE Stars Who Will Never Return


It is universally agreed upon by wrestling fans everywhere that a shocking return of a beloved superstar can send goosebumps up and down your spine and serve as an iconic moment in itself. Unfortunately for fans, I believe these five superstars that left WWE will never be coming back.

AJ Lee


Former 3-time Divas Champion and literal starter of the women’s revolution with her #Givedivasachance Twitter movement, AJ Lee was one of the most talented women to step foot in a WWE ring in a long time. AJ began in NXT before being called up and thrust into the spotlight with various love storylines with the likes of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Kane…Okay that’s enough.

Regardless, AJ moved past that eventually showcased her skills in the ring before winning the Divas Title multiple times. She successfully defended it at Wrestlemania but dropped it to the debuting Paige on RAW the next night. Soon after her husband CM Punk departed from the company, she followed in his footsteps. I don’t believe AJ will be back for a number of reasons including her husband and her new career opportunities.

4. Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Upon allegations of sexual assault, Enzo Amore was released from his WWE contract despite being on the top of the Cruiserweight division. Enzo shot back by not only proving his innocence in the case, but making it very clear that he doesn’t need wrestling. Enzo produced a rap song, and is trying to do more.

Big Cass on the other hand had a very mysterious WWE release where he was suddenly cut after losing to Daniel Bryan twice in a row. Unfortunately for fans of this charismatic tag team, both men seem pretty bitter about their departures. I do not see WWE asking either man back either as they seem more keen on giving newer stars a chance.

3. Alberto Del Rio

Mexico’s Greatest Export, Alberto Del Rio was released from the WWE after reportedly slapping an employee for a racist joke. Although he was later reinstated, he was eventually released again. The Spanish Aristocrat is a former WWE World Champion, however, he has proven he is a loose cannon and WWE probably won’t be asking him back. His controversial relationship with Paige also doe not help his case. Even if they did, I doubt Del Rio would even accept an offer from them at this point.

2. Gail Kim

If there was ever a time for a female wrestler with as much talent as Gail Kim to come back to the WWE, it is right now. The WWE women’s divisions have never been better or more legitimate. Unfortunately, Gail Kim has publicly stated that she will never resign with WWE. After budget cuts, Kim was released and enjoyed a stint in TNA before resigning with Vince. Her second run was unsuccessful and she left the company once again.

1. CM Punk

UFC welterweight Phil “CM Punk” Brooks at Roufusport Academy in Milwaukee on Aug. 29, 2016.

CM Punk is not coming back, okay?

Up until very recently, I was still in denial that CM Punk was completely done with pro wrestling, but I feel that I have had a recent epiphany and now see the situation in a new light.

Not only did CM Punk’s departure from the company mark one of the most chaotic and bitter releases/firing/quitting since Bret Hart. In addition, WWE and CM Punk battled in court, further burning bridges. CM Punk also recently stated that although it won’t be in the UFC, he is not done fighting. If ALL IN was in Punk’s hometown and he won’t return to the WWE at this stage in the game, I don’t believe it will ever happen.

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