Top Ten Matches To Show A Non Wrestling Fan


If you are a wrestling fanatic like I am, chances are you’ve tried to get some of your friends into wrestling too. Showing these non-fans the right matches can get them into the sport we all know and love. So how do you accomplish such a daunting task? You can show your friends a few of these matches. Like Vince McMahon once said, “If you can’t sit and be entertained by pro wrestling, you’re crazy.” This isn’t a list of the top ten matches ever, it’s a list of ten matches you can show to non-wrestling fans to convert them.

Honorable Mentions-

  • Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar- WM
  • AJ Styles vs John Cena- Royal Rumble
  • Pete Dunn vs Tyler Bate- NXT Takeover: Chicago
  • Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon-WM
  • Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon- KOTR
  • Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Batista-WM
  • Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn- NXT Takeover Dallas
  • Triple H vs Shawn Michaels- Summerslam
  • CM Punk vs Samoa Joe- II- ROH
  • AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura- NJPW- WK10
  • Triple H vs The Undertaker- (HIAC) WM 28
  • The Rock vs Hulk Hogan- WM
  • Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker- WM 26
  • Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat- WM
  • Edge vs Mick Foley- WM
  • Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon (Ladder)- WM
  • Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega- I & II

10. Elimination Chamber Match- Survivor Series, 2002


It seems like non-fans are easily pleased by dangerous stunts and violent matches, making this one the perfect candidate. This is the first-ever Elimination Chamber match and by far the best one. World Champion, HHH entered the chamber against five other true superstars: A returning Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Chris Jericho, Kane and RVD.

The match did a terrific job of showcasing what the chamber is all about. The steel grate on the outside was perfectly utilized by the superstars; all the guys bled during the match. RVD’s Splash from the top of the pod broke Triple H’s neck, and the performers thought outside the box, using the chamber to their advantages. When nobody except Shawn and Hunter were left, the storytelling was brought to a new level. After a brutal match, the crowd went home happy, with Shawn taking the title from his bitter rival.

9. Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet- Best Of Super Juniors, 2016


This incredible, high-octane wrestling match is sure to please any non-wrestling fan. I’ve shown this match to plenty of non-fans, who admit that it’s amazing, mesmerizing, and entertaining. The highly controversial Japanese match involves the two greatest high-flyers in the world performing jaw dropping wrestling moves and acrobatics. This is one of my personal favorite matches of all time.

8. CM Punk vs John Cena- MITB 2011


John Cena vs CM Punk is one of WWE’s only 5-star matches in the company’s 50+ year history! Besides the stellar in-ring product, the story was even better. Punk told the WWE Universe that his contract was expiring the night of the MITB PPV (which was true),  and he vowed to leave the WWE as the Champion. In Punk’s hometown of Chicago, he shockingly pinned John Cena and exited through the crowd with the title in hand. Punk’s astounding victory over Cena is arguable the start of the peak of his career.

7. The Rock vs Mankind- Royal Rumble


In one of the most brutal matches in WWE history, Mankind defended his title at the Royal Rumble PPV. The highlight of the match came when The Rock handcuffed Foley and hit him with more than 10 chair shots in the head. This match is guaranteed to interest a non-wrestling fan. Plus, the “I Quit” stipulation is perfect to introduce casual fans to “Gimmick matches.”

6. Royal Rumble Match- 1992


One of the only two Royal Rumbles for the WWE title, the 1992 RR was a special one. Arguably the most star studded match ever, the ’92 Rumble features Undertaker, Sid, Slaughter, Hogan, Sheik, Savage, Undertaker, Snuka, Roberts, Duggan, Boss Man, Santana, Dibiase, Michaels, and dozens of other superstars. The match was won by Ric Flair, who passionately celebrated with his new World Championship. To a non-fan, this match will simply be a massive game of  “the floor is lava”, but secretly, they’re witnessing history.

5. Steve Austin vs The Rock- WM 17


A non-fan is sure to love this battle. This match was the main event of WM 17, my favorite WM of all time. Two of pro wrestlings finest stars went at it in a thrilling match, that proved to withstand the test of time. Many people say that this was The Rock’s most important, heartfelt, and emotional match of his entire career. Even with the polarizing ending, this match still takes a top half spot on our list.

4. Steve Austin vs Bret Hart- WM 13


In no other place than Chicago, Stone Cold and Bret Hart performed a show stealer at WM 13. The match is often placed in the top wrestling matches of all time, and for good reason. Besides an incredible double turn, the ending blew fans away, as Austin refused to tap out to Hart’s Sharpshooter, causing him to pass out from the pain. Austin was left unconscious in a pool of his own blood. A casual, or non-fan is bound to appreciate this classic match. The environment is undeniable and the big fight feel is prevalent.

3. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker- WM 25


Voted and ranked the greatest match of all time by WWE, HBK vs Undertaker was seriously mind blowing. The back and forth contest grabbed the attention of fans all around the world. The in-ring work itself is simply enough to reel in the mind of a non-fan. I don’t want to describe any more, just in case you haven’t seen this match. If you haven’t watched it: Watch it. Watch it now. Stop reading this article and go watch this masterful piece of art.

2. Mankind vs The Undertaker- Hell in a Cell match- KOTR


If the person you’re showing wrestling to is the type of person who constantly calls it fake, then this is the match to show them. The most brutal match in WWE history featured Mankind’s being thrown off the cell, then getting up and climbing back to the top. He was then Chokeslammed through the cell, and into a pile of thumbtacks. Both men left the cell injured and bloody. This match will prove to that skeptical friend of yours that wrestling isn’t “fake”– it’s “scripted.”

1. TLC 2- Edge and Christian vs The Hardys vs The Dudleys- WM 17

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