Total Nonstop Deletion: What Surprises are in Store for Us?


Total Nonstop Deletion: What Surprises Are We In Store For?

For about a month and a half, we’ve been hearing about this concept called Total Nonstop Deletion, a special TNA event being filmed at the Hardy Compound. First, there were reports that funding fell through and they couldn’t put the show on. Then, Anthem Entertainment gained controlling interest in TNA and it was filmed about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Here’s the trailer in case you haven’t seen it yet.


What we found out last night, Total Nonstop Deletion will be an entire episode of Impact at the Hardy Compound. The Main Event will be, Apocalypto, which is an all out war among any tag team from all of time and all of space that decides to show up. TNA has done a great job keeping things under wraps about this. It was taped about a month ago and nobody seems to know anything. It’s an event to truly look forward to.

That being said, now it’s time to speculate. It’s safe to say that Total Nonstop Deletion, no matter how cool or vicious it turns out to be, will be a complete letdown if it isn’t chock full of surprises. Just having all the wrestlers that are on the current roster involved wouldn’t be enough to warrant the hype that has been put behind it. So let’s see what we can come up with. I’m going to order these with a “likely” list, a “maybe” list, and a “highly doubtful” list. Never say Never.


The Rock & Roll Express

According to Matt Hardy’s Twitter, The Rock & Roll Express were formally invited. This doesn’t mean it’s confirmed in any way because the Broken One has invited everyone. But I’m going to put this on the likely list because other than the play on words when it comes to certain teams that were invited, this team was called out directly by name. Perhaps the Midnight Express could be there as well, giving us a great old school tag team rivalry throwback.

The Bucks of Youth

Anyone who saw Final Battle on Friday knows of the big shocker that happened. Following the Young Bucks victory over the Briscoes, Broken Matt Hardy appeared on the big screen to the loudest pop of the night. He cut a promo about how he and Brother Nero must go to ROH and DELETE the Bucks of Youth. Now this doesn’t confirm that they’ll be there, but I think there’s a very good chance. ROH and TNA surely have some kind of arrangement made at this point.

(Wouldn’t it be a cool concept if The Rock & Roll Express and Midnight Express fell into the Lake of Reincarnation and The Young Bucks & Bad Influence emerged?)


TNA has kept everything under wraps about this. So it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Cody and Brandi showed up. Cody is a free agent in every sense of the word, with Brandi signed to TNA, Cody is sure to keep showing up from time to time. He would need to be at this event.

(How funny would it be if he and Sandow fell into the Lake of Reincarnation and emerged as the Rhode Scholars, mustache and all)

There are probably some other legends we could see. Some ECW guys or maybe even a few WCW guys. It’s a cinematic presentation so even some guys who can’t really wrestler anymore can still appear and be involved in some way.


Team 3D

Bully Ray is making his rounds on the indy scene. I know Devon is under some sort of backstage deal with WWE but since he’s not an onscreen persona, maybe something was able to be worked out. Maybe. We can only hope, right? Bully could show up either way.

Bad Influence

Leaning on my cool concept mentioned above, I think this can be in the maybe territory as part of some sort of ROH/TNA arrangement. Same could kind of go with The Motor City Machine Guns. Both maybes.

The Smoking Gunns

I know Bart has been retired for a long time now. But with the cinematic nature, a cameo isn’t out of the question.

Again, I’m sure there are probably legends and names from the past that we could see. Disco Inferno comes to mind. Since Broken Matt announced King Maxell’s in-ring debut, a Disco Inferno appearance is definitely possible. Maxell has an unsanctioned pinfall victory over Disco Inferno. Perhaps he shows up for revenge.


The Day of New

Obviously, anyone with a regular role on any WWE programming will not be there. At least it’s highly doubtful that they will be. But since Day of New were the only ones truly called out during this whole thing, I mentioned them. Forget the Orton Family and any other individual or tag team. Sadly, that means no Edge & Christian.

CM Punk

No. This just isn’t gonna happen. But how cool would it be if he was one of the many guys in the white anonymous makes behind James Storm?

Hulk Hogan

He should be listed as Maybe, simply because he has no ties with anyone right now. But I highly doubt he’ll be there and if he was…considering all the hate he gets for being the biggest contributing factor to TNA’s downfall, he wouldn’t be well-received.

So who do you think is a potential surprise? Do you agree with the names on this list? Did I miss anyone significant?

Thanks for reading everyone. This wasn’t the great TNA editorial I am working on. Unfortunately, I won’t have time before my vacation to complete that one so it’ll happen after I get back.

Be safe everyone.

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