Upcoming Dates & Locations For Jim Ross’ One-Man Shows


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross’ announced that his next one-man show will be at the “Rams Head Live” concert venue in Baltimore, Md. On Saturday, May 16, the night before WWE’s Payback PPV in Baltimore.

Also, Ross has stated online that the idea is to do more tie in shows with WWE. The idea is to have his one-man shows the night before a WWE PPV so the majority of the audience is pure wrestling fans. 

Ross is planning on doing a show in August during SummerSlam weekend, which is in the New York area. He stated in his most recent blog that “We are close to finalizing our next New York City date that will be held on Summerslam weekend so stay tuned for that.” 

Check back at jrsbarbq.com for more information on upcoming shows.

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