What Happened To The Big Red Machine Kane?


Oh where, oh where has the big red machine gone? Oh where, oh where could he be? Alright enough with the singing, where the heck is Kane? It’s not hard to find him, he is seven feet tall and wearing a mask. He has a problem with lighting things on fire, he has a long record that involves arson and has an anger problem.

When Kane debut in 1997, he was an unstoppable machine. Throughout the years, he has gone from a big bad monster to a soft guy and now has apparently turned into a politician. What happened? How could you go so wrong, so fast with a character that had so much success in WWE?

I understand that Kane is a part of the “Authority” story-line, but I also understand that “Authority” will be breaking up soon as well or at least in the near future. (Hopefully) with all that being said, where does Kane go after this?

Does he continue to be the politician that he has been for the past couple of months? Or does he go back to being the “The Devil’s Favorite Demon”?

These are important questions if you are a fan of Kane.

I could take him or leave him to be honest. The fact of him being on the main roster is a good thing as he is a seasoned veteran that can bring something to the locker room and teach the younger guys a thing or two. If you look at Kane’s track record he has been a key part into the WWE.

He has been a part of the attitude era and the PG era. His debut is a classic where he cost the Undertaker his match with Shawn Michaels in the very first Hell in a Cell match. His match with the “Dead man” at WrestleMania 14 and when Undertaker came back to the dark side back in 2004.

Now I can admit that his stock has taken a bit of a fall in the past couple of years. He did have a high note with Daniel Bryan when they were tag team champions together. Ever since they split, Kane has not been the same whatsoever.

Is corporate Kane here to stay or is it just a fling for now? I hope it is just for now thing instead of a long term thing.

Kane does need a change and that I will agree with. I am not saying they should do a total overhaul, but something needed to change. I am not sure however that making him “Corporate Kane” does wonders for his career.

Let me hear you in the comment area below. Do you agree or disagree? Should Kane go back to the Big Red Machine or stay Corporate?

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