What’s Next for the Women’s Evolution Following Elimination Chamber Match?


This year, though, it will definitely be a main event of either John Cena vs. The Undertakerr or Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (vs. Braun Strowman?) as I don’t even think Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles stands much of a chance against those two matches.

The other achievement that I feel is the real kicker and perhaps the final hurdle of everything with this whole movement is for the women’s division to get popular enough that they could sustain having their own network television show completely separate from the men’s division.

Total Divas doesn’t count, as while that is a female-driven show, it is by no means an equivalent to Monday Night Raw. This concept would have to be pretty much a copycat of Raw the same way SmackDown is, with the structure of having promos, wrestling matches and so forth, rather than being a gossip reality program.

WWE may never want to do that, as they might always prefer to have a crossover appeal for men and women to watch Raw, SmackDown and so on, but in an era where we’ve seen the cruiserweights get 205 Live and the developmental program have NXT and even the Mixed Match Challenge offshoot temporarily taking place, there is certainly a possibility we could see an all-women’s wrestling show from WWE in the pipeline.

The trick is in staying power. It’s one thing to get to the point where WWE feels comfortable enough testing out an all-women’s show, but another thing entirely to be able to sustain an audience, no matter what platform they’re on.

This could be tested out with a WWE Network show similar to 205 Live and if it gets popular enough, maybe USA or wherever WWE programming ends up in the future could give it a one to two hour slot on Wednesday to Saturday night.

What would it be called? I have no idea, but I would hope it wouldn’t have some stench of a name like “WWE Sassturday Night” or “WWE Hear Me Roar” that would induce groaning and embarrassment.

Outside of the WrestleMania main event and having their own successful show dedicated entirely to them, the only other thing to take note of is that the absolute end game goal is when we simply stop talking about the Women’s Evolution at all—not because it stops, but because it has become such a norm that we’re so accustomed to that we don’t even need to have it be a movement. It just simply is, the same as how we don’t question the booking of an episode of Raw or SmackDown starting off with a 15-20 minute talking segment, or why we don’t call bullshit on how outside interference can cause a pinfall with a simple slap to the face when other matches include chair shots and table spots and people still kick out of finishing maneuvers.

At some point, an article like this won’t need to be written because all of the accomplishments will already be checked off and we’ll be talking about how there needs to be change in other ways, not the struggle to get women’s wrestling on par with the men’s division.

That may not come for a long, long while, or the current momentum could continue and we could reach that level in a shorter amount of time, but at least the trajectory is heading in that direction.

Until then, let’s celebrate the victories here and there, with the next one being that first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match coming up on February 25th.

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