Why Triple H Has Been Off TV


According to NODQ, Triple H was kept off weekly WWE programming because of his WrestleMania match this year. But because of Fin Balor’s injury, he made a surprised return a few weeks ago via interfering in the fatal 4-way match for the WWE Universal Championship.

It was speculated that HHH would show up the following week on Monday Night RAW and explain his actions but that was not the case.Many questioned why Triple H turned his back on Seth Rollins and sided with Kevin Owens, though it does not seem like that will be answered any time soon.

It has been said that the company kept him off Raw because of the competition it faces with Monday Night Football now. It is always expected for Raw to take a huge fall facing football.

WWE furthermore feels that Triple H coming back would be premature. WWE, at this moment, wants a blow-off match between Triple H and Rollins at WrestleMania. So if he returned to the show, it would be hard to delay the match all the way to WrestleMania.

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