After Payback I had in mind that the company (WWE) will precede to the next level with the
WWE championships status. By the way, Payback was an event the expected happened.
So the wwe title situation as I wrote in my past article, the title was not
secure in the hand of injured Daniel Bryan. I like D-Bryan. If he cannot wrestle
in eight weeks as champion, he cannot be champion. Give him a rest. Let him
recovery for awhile. Then when he come back he will be better than ever. We can
speculate now on the Money in the Bank event. The original MITB LADDER MATCH will be held normally. Now if Daniel Bryan cannot
wrestle at the events, there will be another ladder match.

This is actually a great idea. An original idea announced
by Stephanie McMahon this Monday on RAW, Whish leads the story to a new and
interesting level. WWE cannot afford one month before Summerslam a wrestling company with an injured champion.

John Cena is now free of The Wyatt family,
so he is a potential contender for the title. Brook Lesnar return in the summer events to feud with someone, but Wwe
have no interest to made Lesnar become champion because he is not a full-time superstars.
Randy Orton can be champion again but
he had been champion a few months ago. Why not a beginner Barrett who imposed his character right now, push him a little more
on the show he will be good as world champion.

They are so many options to WWE but all this are speculation. May be Daniel Bryan will defend the
title at Money in the Bank and win the
match. Then business will be as usual, till battleground which will be another story.

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