Wwe disregards UK fans


I don’t make the blogs to moan, but today im going to make an exception.

WWE have announced that the wwe network has yet again been delayed in the United Kingdom. Wwe’s fan base in the UK is HUGE, we are few of the country’s who still have hope and stuck with WWE and there flagship shows when really it is’nt all that worth tuning in. Other country’s may not realise Raw is shown live at 1am in the UK (used to be 2am before 3 hour extension) 


WWE are treating UK fans as they are not as important as The USA market. We understand that america and canada is bigger and has a much larger population but been the ugly step child of the WWE fan base and been treated that way is wrong.

I have watched WWE television since 1994 and during that time there has been some amazing and very poor content. It does not help that WWE feel the need to insult the intelligence of fans over the age of 12 years old, they now see fit to cause a rift in viewership by a entire country in a time when they are been tested in most other markets. 

People blame the tv persona’s of wwe real life executives like vince mcmahon and triple h and stephanie mcmahon but these people are not at fault in this situation, there is more production and technical requirements behind the scene Than most can even imagine. And people have to relise, yes they have to answer to the irate fans in the UK but they also have to answer to a board of directors and share holders who have money invested in a glorified netflix wrestling app that was going to be a huge cash cow for them at 8PM GMT uk time.

I foresee the delay been a short one as they would like the revenue they are going to make on this venture in the near future and at a time when the desperately need it the most, as the Network has been a complete flop, to a point where they tried to sell it to warner brothers for Pence on the dollar (or pound) that they have paid.

I implore the UK and american fans to stand up for each other not as separate country’s but as wrestling fans, because if this can be put upon the UK audience it could be placed on you at anytime. 

Thank you for reading, and polite comments below will be appreciated

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