WWE Mixed Match Challenge Season 3: Idea Pitches & How to Avoid the Pitfalls


Dana Brooke never does anything, so give her a spot and let someone like Bayley rest up. Next season, pair Killian Dain and Nikki Cross together (because FFS, bring her up to SmackDown already). Why weren’t Zelina Vega and Andrade “Cien” Almas a team if they’ve done nothing for weeks? Give Sonya Deville a partner like Shelton Benjamin, who you know you aren’t going to have to rely on too much for other stuff.

WWE had the right idea with teams like Fabulous Truth and MahAlicia and that’s why they stuck around. Meanwhile, people like Strowman and Owens were so beaten down and injured going into the tournament, yet they booked them anyway.

If the philosophy behind that is “they’re the big stars and nobody will watch the show if they aren’t on it”, that exposes two major flaws: 1) when they’re injured, they won’t be able to watch them anyway AND your main programs will be hurt from their absence, 2) that means you have no investment in the rest of your roster to do their jobs, which is your fault for not positioning them better for people to care about watching them.

This isn’t the 80s and 90s anymore where Superstars was a program that had local jobbers get squashed and people tuned in just to watch Brutus The Barber Beefcake exist. WWE has these “enhancement talent” folks on the roster for years and we’re supposed to be invested enough in them to care when a Heath Slater is used in a story like this Baron Corbin thing, so by that rationale, we should be able to care about him here, too.

Extra Bonus Solution = Just to spice things up, why not include NXT in the mix, too? Make every match a Triple Threat match and expose your viewers to the talent on the yellow brand. That could be fun. I’d love to see Bianca Belair and Montez Ford join Rusev and Lana and Jimmy Uso and Naomi in the battle of married couples.

Problem #3: Facebook Watch

Sadly, this issue is the hardest to correct and something that WWE is almost 100% assuredly not going to address in any fashion, which is simply that Facebook Watch isn’t the best platform to be watching this show.

Your mileage may vary, but I personally haven’t looked at the chat a single time on a single episode of both of these seasons, because I don’t care about all of the reactions of randos saying “wow” to moves or yapping about how great Asuka’s hair looks that night or whatever.

Also, despite how I very rarely ever have problems with the WWE Network, I don’t think a single episode of MMC was exempt from some kind of poor quality streaming issue for me either at the beginning of the broadcast or midway through and would take a few minutes to correct itself back to high quality.

If you don’t have it maximized on your screen, your Facebook messages pop up and block some of the content, so you’d better have a second monitor like myself with 2 tabs open for Facebook to avoid that, or be on your phone at the same time and not paying attention to your TV/computer.

Some people just don’t like Facebook. Some people don’t get their notifications when a new episode is starting. Some people don’t want to switch over from USA to Facebook in the span of 5 seconds at the end of SmackDown to start watching MMC when it’s already begun.

Ideally, if this is going to continue, I’d rather see it be on the WWE Network, but I can’t see that happening, as this seems more like an experiment in Facebook as a video streaming service platform than anything else for WWE, so if you take that out of the equation, there’s no reason for them to even bother doing it.

But maybe that’s why this needs to stop entirely. Maybe we shouldn’t have a season 3, because it’s just putting more strain on the performers for a show that doesn’t get enough viewers, isn’t for anything, and was just a streaming test that didn’t need to go on as long as it did.

The test is over. Mixed Match Challenge is more of a bust than anything, and unless major changes are made to the formula, a season 3 of the same frivolous and inconsequential programming just isn’t going to cut it.

What are your ideas for the future of Mixed Match Challenge? Drop those thoughts in the comments below!

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