WWE – The Punk Problem


I was sitting here thinking about the problem with CM Punk, and it occurred to me that a lot of people don’t realize just how big of a problem it is. Most people, literally, only see half of it.

CM Punk is one of the biggest stars in the company. He is arguably the best technical wrestler in the world and the best talker in the world. WWE is making millions on the man, and his contract is almost up. Then he walks out.

On top of it all, WWE has a rabid fanbase that just hijacked the Royal Rumble. They are on their way to Chicago for RAW in a few weeks. And… The worst of it all, they are just over a month away from their biggest show of the year.

All things considered, the logical thing to do is move mountains and leap tall buildings in a single bound to get the man back and, hopefully, re-signed as soon as possible. Most people understand that, but there is a second half to the equation that might be even worse.

On top of being beat up and worn out, Punk’s biggest bone of contention was reportedly his recent creative booking. We could go back and forth all day about whether he was booked right or not. Arguments could be made both ways. Either way, Punk clearly wasn’t happy.

Therefore, getting him back, and especially getting him to re-sign with the company, would likely require them to give him the booking he wants.

So… The man is under contract, and doesn’t like his booking. To fix this, he throws a temper tantrum and stomps out of the arena right before a major TV taping. Then he refuses to even take calls from the Chairman… And, we are not talking about a storyline chairman. We are talking about the actual CEO of the company.

That being the case, how do you give him what he wants? If they do, they will lose all control of their talent. If acting that way gets you what you want, why wouldn’t everyone do it?

However, if they don’t get him back, they risk the crowd hijacking the Elimination Chamber, RAW in Chicago, and possibly, worst of all, Wrestlemania 30… Not to mention they money they’d lose by not having him in the mix.

So, what are they to do?

Someone in talent relations clearly dropped the ball on this one… Heads may roll…

Thoughts and comments are welcome as usual.

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