WWE Top 20 Out Of The Box Dream Matches, Part 2:


No.10- William Regal Vs. Neville- Both these British born superstars are amazing entertainers and are brilliant a what they do. Neville has an insane range of aerial moves which include the reverse 450 splash as well as his world famous Red Arrow. William Regal is technically sound and has undeniably the most painful looking moves in his skill set. This match would be crazy as well as awesome and would produce a load of fun and WOW moments!

No.9- Cesaro Vs. Ted Dibiase Sr- This would be a match based on money Vs. intelligence and would easily be full of fabulously executed manoeuvres. Critical timing would be a key element throughout letting the story unfold and be told with the audience debating against wether Cesaro would sell out or be intellectually superior and whoop the money makers a**. 

No.8- Kurt Angle Vs. Daniel Bryan- This match would bring every element needed for an instant classic because of how gifted both performers are in every single department needed to be the top superstar. Expect, German Suplex’s and Butterfly Suplex’s as well as every submission imaginable to man to be shown during this dream showdown. The Olympian Vs. The Yes man would create a phenomenal 2 way dance. 

No.7- Rowdy ‘Roddy’ Piper Vs. Dean Ambrose- Just imagine an all out brawl with a large amount of trash talk involved and hilarious bitching rants about one another. This fight would escalate above levels imaginable and would be a fun, whacky, stupid street fight with OMG! spots consistently happening throughout. Nutter Vs. even nuttier in a match where only lunatics would want to participate in and be happy to compete in.  

No.6- DX Vs. The Shield- Expect brutality and all out insanity to occur when two of the most dominate stables in history collide in a fist fest full of slobber knocker hits and kicks. This would bring extreme to a whole other level and would make a brawl look like a party. These teams would give it all and create a match with everything needed to create a spectacular showing. 

No.5- Rey Mysterio Vs. Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka- The first real high flyer Vs. The man who brought the term to a whole new level by performing never before seen moves and creating unseen, unheard of spots into casual occurrences in regular match ups. This would have every audience member of their seats and hands gasped over each persons mouth because of the unpredictable reversals and moves performed. 

No.4- Seth Rollins Vs. Edge- Who’s the best at being the ultimate opportunist? Both these men sneak and cheat there way around every situation as long as they benefit in some shape or form and both would scope lower than low to win and reach their goal. This would be a crafty cheat fest with continuous near falls because of interference and tack ticks being used and abused throughout. 

No.3- Dolph Ziggler Vs. Mr Perfect- Who is more perfect? both execute perfection fluently and consistently when performing in the ring and both would do a tremendous job playing out a one up man ship type match. This would be the perfect match up and would really be a pleasure to watch wether a casual viewer or hardcore fan. 

No.2- The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns- Every family member Vs. family member showdown delivers real competitive nature and creates a real intense vibe. These men are top company names and are definitely able to deliver the goods and showoff each mans awesome abilities and feats of strength whilst facing off against each other. Expect emotion and a fierce fiery crowd to create an insane atmosphere which just helps develop on the creation of a classic.  

No.1- Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat Vs. Daniel Bryan- Both are technical masters and are two of the best performers to ever set foot inside the squared circle and if only from the same time and era could of faced off in completely utterly insane, out of this world matches with quirky reversals and unique moves from each mans arsenal being on display. This would be a classic for certain and would go in the history books as one of the best matches of all time!

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