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WWE WrestleMania II: A Worthy Sequel?


Match 3: Jake Roberts vs George Wells

George Wells is introduced to a mild pop, as does Roberts. Of course, Roberts has his slithery friend with him.

Wells gets the jump on Roberts and has the momentum at the start. Roberts whiffs a punch before sending Wells outside. Wells responds in kind and maintains momentum with punches and headbutts. We see a surprising head scissor takedown by Wells.

Roberts seems to be playing possum before raking the eyes of Wells to play for time before sliding outside, making Wells go after him before getting back into the ring and hitting a knee lift on Wells. Jake hits the DDT and it is all over.

Jake then goes for the bag and lets his buddy out, wrapping the snake around Wells. The snake constricts Wells and Wells is either vomiting or foaming because of the constrictions.

The Winner: Jake Roberts via pinfall with the DDT.

Comments: I’m not sure what was going on with this match. This seems so random now. It’s hard to tell who was supposed to get over in this. The whole snake thing really freaked me out, I can’t imagine how they sold that to Wells because it was god awful.

Vince and Susan send us a video package of the feud between Piper and Mr. T, which basically just a clip of their confrontation in Phoenix.

After that we thrown to LA with Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura interviewing Hulk Hogan.

Ventura looks like he went through some burlesque dancer’s trunk. He talks to Hogan about his injured ribs and says he can’t believe Hogan agreed to a Cage match with Bundy with injured ribs.

Hogan seems to be in a bad mood and tells Ventura that he doesn’t care what Ventura believes because he’s getting paid to ask questions. Hogan then says that he’s going to defend his title, hurt ribs or not because that’s what he believes in and that’s what his little Hulksters believe in and that Bundy’s going down. He then gives the boxing match a plug, saying that he thinks T will come out on top because he’s fighting for what he believes in, while Piper, like a lot of people (said while pointing to Ventura) take a lot of shortcuts.

Ventura’s mad now and only says that good guys don’t always finish first.

Comments: Hogan came across very poorly in this interview. He seemed to be in a bad mood and picked an argument with Ventura when Ventura was being tolerable for once.

Match 4: Boxing Match – Mr. T (with Haiti Kid and Joe Fraiser) vs Rowdy Roddy Piper (with Bob Orton and Lou Duva)

Finkel introduces the guest ring announcer: Joan Rivers. Joan actually looks normal. Joan introduces the judges: ‘Chocolate Thunder’ Darrel Dawkins of the NBA, Cab Calloway, and G. Gordon Liddy. Our guest timekeeper is Herb, whoever that is.

We’re told that this match is 10 rounds of boxing. Guest ref: Jack Lutz. Piper comes out with his crew to loud boos. Mr. T comes out next with Smokin’ Joe, and Haiti kid, along with others.

I don’t know enough about boxing to give a decent recap. There was plenty of trash talk by Piper during the instructions.

The Winner: Mr. T by Disqualification due to Piper bodyslamming him in the fourth round.

Comments: This was not a great match on either side. T missed the punch that was supposed to send Piper out to the floor. To the best of my understanding, Piper only had a few months of training for this fight, and it showed. The celeb judges were baffling to me. I have no idea why any of these people were asked to judge a boxing match.

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