What are WWE’s Plans for Luke Harper at WrestleMania 33?


Even still, if you are in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, your chances of being placed on the pre-show or possibly even bumped from the card go up. At this point, I wouldn’t imagine WWE would nix this match rather than getting rid of something like the Raw/SmackDown Tag Team Championship or cutting time from a promo here and there, but I could definitely see it going on the pre-show, which a lot of fans don’t bother watching.

So what should WWE do with Luke Harper for WrestleMania 33? Should he just go into the battle royal and be a featured player there or is there something better you have in mind? Are you on the flipside of things and you think Harper matters so little that this isn’t even an issue?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below of what you’d like to see and your predictions of what you think will end up happening!

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