Your Wrestlemania 32 Card And Predictions?


The road to WrestleMania 32 will be starting soon. With that being said it’s looking like a lot of WWE’s top stars will be missing next years big one. With what talent WWE have available, so please give us your WrestleMania 32 cards and predictions below:

With 100,000 seats to fill at the Dallas Texas Stadium your card has to be BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL. Here’s mine, i apologize in advance if i have missed your favorite wrestler or two off the list, they wil most likely be in the battle royal.

Match #1: Andre The Giant Battle RoyalWinner Apollo Crews

Match #2: Wyatt’s V League of Nations. 8-Man Tornado Match. Losers split up. Winners the Wyatt’s.

Match #3: Owens V Zayn US title match. A great story-telling feud awaits the WWE universe with these two. Winner Owens.

Match #4: HHH V Roman Reigns. Winner Reigns

Match #5: Paige V Sasha Banks for the Diva’s Title. Winner Sasha Banks claims her first Divas championship

Match #6: The Dudley Boyz V The New Day Tag Title match. Winners The Dudley’s get their 10th world tag team title win.

Match #7: Finn Balor V Del Rio, IC title match. Winner Finn Balor

Match #8: Undertaker V John Cena. Retirement Match. Rumors have it that this match is set in stone. Could this be the beginning of the long overdue Cena heel turn? Winner John Cena.

Main Event Of The Evening: Lesnar V Owens WWE WHC match. Owens wins the 2015 Royal Rumble to face The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. This will be Kevin Owens second match of the night. Winner Lesnar.

Your Wrestlemania 32 Card And Predictions?

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