WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for May 29, 2020


Here are the results for this week’s episode of SmackDown.

We begin SmackDown with a news report scene outside the Performance center. Elias is down and being put on a stretcher with paramedics and police officers are there. Renee Young tells us that a few minutes ago Elias was involved in a bad accident. There’s a car that has crashed into a tree. A police officer goes in the car and sees a bottle of alcohol and a piece of paper. He says it’s Jeff Hardy.

Kayla Braxton interviews Braun Strowman in the parking lot and she asks him what he saw. Braun says he just pulled into work and he saw this car flying and they hope they catch the SOB responsible. The camera cuts to officers and WWE officials including Jamie Noble and Jason Jordan running to a scene at a house nearby. It’s Jeff Hardy, and he looks to be in pain and under the influence. He says his head is spinning and asks what’s happening. Officers eventually arrest him. Elias is pulled into the stretcher as Hardy walks past him and heads into a cop car.

Renee Young says she’ll keep us updated as Jeff is driven away in a cop car, and Elias is flown away in an ambulance.

Backstage, all the SmackDown superstars are told by Adam Pearce that Elias suffered non life-threatening injuries in a car accident and that Jeff Hardy has been arrested, and neither Hardy or Elias can compete tonight. Sheamus isn’t surprised by it and calls him pathetic. When Hardy is arrested, AJ celebrates and proposes that it’s him and Daniel Bryan in the finals for the Intercontinental Championship. Bryan disagrees and suggests that both AJ and himself faces an opponent of their choosing tonight. AJ berates Bryan and tells him just to take the free pass.

Sheamus agrees with Daniel and says he deserves an IC Title shot. He recommends Sheamus against Daniel Bryan, and Bryan says he’ll take anything. Corbin disagrees and says he needs another shot at the IC Title. Sheamus then suggests a triple threat between himself, Corbin and Bryan. Everyone disagrees. Jey Uso mentions that both Corbin and Sheamus lost in the tournament so they don’t deserve rematches, but that he should get a shot with Jimmy out. Dolph Ziggler reminds everyone that he’s a six time Intercontinental Champion, and Shorty G mentions that he’s a jackass. AJ says that he’s just going to take his free pass.

It is announced that everyone will get a chance to compete for the IC Title, because there will be a Battle Royal taking place next. The winner will face Daniel Bryan tonight, and the winner of that match, faces AJ Styles in the finals for the Intercontinental Title in 2 weeks. Everyone agrees and head out to the ring. AJ tells Daniel Bryan that he’s stupid before leaving.

Battle Royal For IC Tournament Semi-Final Match Against Daniel Bryan

Sheamus, Shorty G and Jey Uso are the final 3. Shorty G had eliminated Cesaro prior, but while the referees are distracted, Cesaro tosses Shorty G over and he is eliminated. It’s down to Jey and Sheamus. Sheamus and Jey Uso are battling on the apron and the two go back and forth. Jey goes for a superkick, but Sheamus blocks and shoves him into the ring post. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick and Jey is eliminated. Sheaus wins.

Winner: Sheamus

Sonya Deville backstage says that the same fate that she gave Mandy Rose awaits Lacey Evans, and she needs to put her hair up and square up. Lacey Evans shoves her from behind and says she’ll see her in the ring.

Shorty G takes issue with what Cesaro did backstage, and Cesaro says there’s no way someone like Shorty G could be Intercontinental Champion, but he’ll give him the option of doing something he’s never done. That’s be the bigger man and walk away or accept a challenge for a match with him in the ring. Shorty G nails a right and floors Cesaro and says his challenge is accepted.

Sonya Deville vs. Lacey Evans

The match is thrown out when the two brawl outside without coming back in the ring.

Winner: No Contest

After the match, Lacey Evans asks Sonya to get back in the ring, but Deville says she fights on her own terms and walks away.

Jaxson Ryker, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake are backstage. Blake says he was one of us, but corrected his flaws when he joined The Forgotten Sons, and they are no longer turning the other cheek. Their blood was on our hands hands so now our blood is on their hands.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross and The New Day are backstage getting ready for the Tag Team Championship summit on a Moment of Bliss.

Bliss and Cross are out to kick us off and Nikki says she is so excited. Bliss brings out The New Day. Nikki has a present for The New Day. Homemade Scottish pancakes. Big E has a present as well, coffee beans straight from his armpit combined with water. Bliss nervously takes the cup before asking The New Day if there are any tag teams that stand out to them.

Big E starts responding before Bayley and Sasha Banks are out. Sasha comes in the ring and takes her top off and throws it at Bliss and Nikki has to restrain her. Sasha and Bayley say they are now the most dominant tag team ever, and Bayley says Bliss and Cross aren’t impressive. Bliss says the second Bayley started talking she stopped listening.

Bliss also mentions Sasha is the only superstar in the ring with no championship. Banks says that if it wasn’t for her and Bayley, the tag team titles wouldn’t be a thing and she said they can win the tag titles back at any time. Bliss says to name the time and place. They said they will, but Bayley will show why they’re the best when Sasha defeats Alexa in a match.

Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss

Bayley and Nikki Cross brawl on the apron and they bump into Nikki Cross. Banks hits the double knees to the face to Alexa against the turnbuckles and rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Shorty G vs. Cesaro

Shorty G wins with a roll-up.

Winner: Shorty G

We get a segment of Otis and Mandy on vacation. Mandy tells Otis she’s having so much fun. Otis pops a bottle of peach champagne. Otis asks Mandy if she wants to test the waters at the hot tub. Mandy subnathes and she’s apparently having a dream of Otis in the pool, and making out with him. Otis gets in the pool and he helps Mandy inside and they make out in the pool.

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