Dixie Carter

  • Born: 10/06/1964 in Dallas, Texas
  • Birthname: Dixie Carter
  • Height & Weight: 5'5", 129 Ib
Titles Won:
  • WSU Hall of Fame (2012)

Dixie Carter-Salinas, known professionally as Dixie Carter, is the president of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).
In 2002, the president of Monterey Peninsula Talent (a booking agency) contacted Carter and informed her that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling required a marketing and publicity outlet. Carter began working with TNA, but, two months later, was informed by Jeff Jarrett (a part-owner of TNA) that a key financial backer (HealthSouth Corporation, which was having financial problems due to its being investigated for accounting irregularities) had withdrawn support from TNA, and that the company was in dire straits as a result.

Carter, claiming to “[See] the potential in a marketplace that had one company WWE with a US$900 million market cap and no competitor”, contacted her parents, the owners of Panda Energy International, a Dallas-based energy company. In October 2002, Panda Energy purchased 71% of TNA from the HealthSouth Corporation for $250,000. On October 31, 2002, TNA (which originally traded as “J Sports and Entertainment”) was renamed “TNA Entertainment”. Carter was appointed president of TNA Entertainment in spring 2003, and continues to work as such.

Dixie Carter made sporadic appearances on TNA programming up until 2010, when she started to play an on-air authority figure. She continued to play this role as a face until 2013, when she turned heel during a feud with AJ Styles. She was wrote off television when Bully Ray put her through a table on the August 7th 2014 episode of Impact Wrestling.

Notable Feuds

vs Hogan & Bischoff

vs AJ Styles

vs MVP

vs Bully Ray