AEW Dynamite Results for May 25, 2022


Kyle O’Reilly gets his way finally by taking Joe down to the mat as he looks for a cross-arm breaker, but Joe gets the ropes. Kyle follows it with a few strikes of his own until Joe rolls out of the ring as the fight continues. Joe gets sat down on a chair as Kyle continues hitting blows, but he gives Joe too much time and responds with a massive punch.

He then charges in with a boot across the face of Kyle, but back in the ring, O’Reilly regains control by grinding down on the jaw of Joe. He also focuses on the arm of Joe, before throwing more puches and strikes. Joe catches Kyle’s leg but he slaps his way out of that until Joe just charges in at the legs to drop his opponent with the sweep.


Joe hits an atomic drop, a big boot, and then a senton combination but Kyle is still able to kick out. Kyle hits another couple of kicks but Joe responds with a monstrous lariat that forces O’Reilly to kick out at the last second. Joe then looks for the Muscle Buster but Kyle gets out and locks in the armbar, yet Joe reaches the ropes.

The two men continue to go back and forth with kicks and strikes which includes a huge knee shot from Joe. Kyle falls back to the bottom rope and bounces back with a lariat only to eat a Pele kick, and both men are down! Joe then looks for the STO but Kyle reverses and he ends up going for a roll-up only for Joe to reverse it into the Coquina Clutch, and just like that it’s over.

Winner: Samoa Joe

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Courtesy of Wrestling Inc.

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