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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for November 5, 2021


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Tonight’s WWE SmackDown on FOX opens up live from the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Pat McAfee.

– We go right to the ring and out comes The Bloodline – WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos, with Paul Heyman. Reigns stops and stands on the entrance-way as Heyman hands him the strap. Reigns raises the title in the air as the pyro goes off to a louder mixed reaction from the crowd. The Bloodline marches to the ring now.

Cole shows us how The Usos interrupted The New Day last week, which led to the non-title main event where Knight Kofi Kingston and King Xavier Woods got the win. Reigns poses on the apron with his finger in the air. Cole says Reigns was on vacation last week. The Tribal Chief enters the ring and raises the title to more pyro going off. Fans chant “you suck!” as Reigns takes the mic. Reigns says he wasn’t here last week because when you smash someone like Brock Lesnar, you gotta celebrate so he took a vacation. Reigns says he heard everyone grumbling but don’t worry, he’s here now. Reigns tells this “tiny little town” to acknowledge him.

Reigns recalls how he and his wife had a great week, running around naked on a private island. He says but not everyone had a great week, and in fact it was a bad week for a lot of us. He says that dumbass Lesnar had a bad week because he got himself fined $1 million and suspended indefinitely. Reigns says he’s responsible for that because he’s got the juice and the stroke around here, he makes it happen. Reigns asks Heyman what else happened last week. Heyman rants about Kayla Braxton harassing him but that’s not what Reigns is asking about. Heyman brings up how The Usos lost a non-title match to The New Day. Reigns asks if the fans like The New Day. He gives them some props but says they’re not better than The Bloodline. Reigns is having a hard time understanding how his cousins got beat by The New Day.

Reigns asks which one of The Usos got pinned in the match. Reigns puts his arm around Jimmy Uso as some fans begin to chant for The New Day. Reigns says that is because of Jimmy. Reigns tells Jimmy to explain how he’s going to fix this problem. Jimmy says he’s got Reigns, like he said last week, he’s going to kick Woods’ crown off and make him acknowledge who the Tribal Chief is, who the real king is, who the Universal Champion is. The music interrupts and out comes King Woods and Sir Kingston.

The New Day taunts The Bloodline from the stage for a few minutes. Woods proposes that if Jimmy can beat him tonight, Woods will acknowledge The Tribal Chief, but if Woods wins, Jimmy will be forced to bend the knee to him. Jimmy says no one is taking orders from those chumps, or bending knees. Jey Uso speaks up and says The Bloodline bends a knee to nobody. Heyman yells some before Reigns speaks up and accepts the challenge for The Bloodline. Kofi declares Jimmy vs. King Woods for tonight. The music hits as Cole also confirms the match. The Bloodline looks on from the ring.

– Cole shows us how Shayna Baszler defeated Naomi last week due to an assist by special referee Sonya Deville.

Naomi vs. Shayna Baszler

Naomi breaks the hold by getting the ropes but Baszler takes advantage of the 5 count. Naomi comes right back and rolls Baszler up for the pin to win out of nowhere.

After the match, Naomi begins to celebrate but Deville comes out and has the music cut. Deville says no one is leaving the ring until she makes her remarks. Deville says Naomi grabbed the ropes right before the pin, which means it should’ve been released, which means the pin didn’t count at all. Deville knows Naomi is upset, but she has no choice but to restart the match. Naomi seethes as the bell rings. Baszler comes from behind and applies the Kirifuda Clutch, taking Naomi right down to the mat. Naomi starts fading and the referee calls the match via submission.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

After the match, Deville looks on from the apron and taunts Naomi as Baszler celebrates.

– The Bloodline is backstage in Roman Reigns’ locker room suite. Reigns is ranting about how he takes one vacation and now SmackDown sucks, it’s almost as bad as RAW. The Usos laugh and Reigns says this is no joke. Jimmy seemingly apologizes but Reigns is upset as he gets in Jimmy’s face. Reigns asks Jimmy Uso what they don’t do and that’s lose because they are the ones. Jey hypes them up with some words of encouragement, then leaves with Jimmy as Reigns looks on.

We see how Shotzi attacked Sasha Banks last week. Shotzi will be here next. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a new “coming soon” teaser vignette for Xia Li.

– Kayla Braxton is backstage with blue brand newcomer Ridge Holland, asking what he is most looking forward to on SmackDown. Holland can’t wait to meet his idol, The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. He says Sheamus is tough and rugged, and handles his business like he does, and would fit in perfectly back home. Holland goes on about how everyone at his local pub used to watch Sheamus when he had a big match, including his WWE Title win over John Cena, the Royal Rumble win, and so on. Holland says Sheamus is an inspiration for him and that’s awful news for the rest of SmackDown. Holland taps his baton a few times and walks off.

– Cole shows us how SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair won a non-title match over Shotzi last week, and how Shotzi snapped to destroy Sasha Banks after the match. Kayla is backstage with Shotzi now, asking about what happened last week. Shotzi says she’s had enough… she has finally had enough. She’s lost title opportunities and her tag team partner since coming to SmackDown, and she’s lost the support of the WWE Universe, and thanks to Banks last week she lost the biggest match of her entire career. Shotzi will not smile and pretend everything is OK any longer. She says Banks’ patronizing attitude was her breaking point and now Banks is her target. Shotzi says she will run over Banks and anyone else who gets in her way, and she doesn’t need a tank to do it. Shotzi walks off.

Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo vs. Cesaro and Mansoor

Cesaro saves Mansoor from a double team but Carrillo superkicks him and Mansoor gets knocked to the floor. Carrillo grounds Cesaro with the Muta Lock as Garza delivers a big basement dropkick, then covers for the pin to win.

Winners: Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo

Jeff Hardy is backstage talking to Aliyah when Kayla Braxton interrupts for an interview. Hardy introduces Kayla too Aliyah. Aliyah walks off to let them do the interview but Jeff apologizes and stops Kayla so he can follows Aliyah as he sees her stop and talk to Sami Zayn, who is apparently harassing her. Sami tells Aliyah it’s all about appearances here, and that she should show people she means business by wearing a pantsuit. Sami walks off. Aliyah asks Hardy if Sami is always like that, and Hardy says yes. Hardy welcomes Aliyah to SmackDown.

Drew McIntyre vs. Ricochet 

McIntyre gets a Claymore in mid air on Ricochet for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Drew stands tall as the music hits and the referee checks on Ricochet. We go to replays. Drew taunts Ricochet some and walks off. Drew stops and looks back at the ring, saying “not bad, not bad” to Ricochet.

Kayla Braxton approaches The New Day backstage about tonight’s main event. They cut promos on Jimmy Uso and how Uso will be forced to bend the knee to King Woods. Kofi does a “Hail King Woods!” chant as Woods dances to end the segment.

– We go back to the ring for another must see episode of Happy Talk as Happy Baron Corbin and Madcap Moss come out, laughing it up. Their guests will be The Viking Raiders. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Mustafa Ali is backstage with Ricochet. Ali suggests they team up next week because they compliment each other. Ricochet says no. Ali asks why. Ricochet says because Ali isn’t a winner, he’s a whiner who makes excuses and always points fingers, and never looks in the mirror. He also treated his last partner Mansoor like dirt. Ricochet says Ali is just a jerk. Ricochet walks off as Ali stares him down. We go back to the ring for Happy Talk. Corbin and Moss are sitting in their chairs, laughing and joking around. They take shots at Rick Boogs and WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura over last week’s win. Corbin says it’s not their fault but there’s just no competition for he and Moss here on SmackDown. For example, take their guests tonight. Corbin introduces The Viking Raiders and out comes Erik and Ivar as pyro and the music hits.

Moss tells Corbin Erik and Ivar don’t look happy at all. Corbin says they should understand the concept of the show before coming on. Erik says they’re not here to be happy or be their guests, in fact, Corbin and Moss make them miserable. Ivar says they’re here to raid Happy Talk because it’s corny and it sucks. Corbin says The Vikings sure are sour for two guys still wearing their Halloween costumes. Corbin has just the thing to cheer them up – a joke from Moss. He tells another bad joke that cracks he and Corbin up. Fans boo the joke. Erik and Ivar begin destroying the set as Corbin and Moss retreat to the floor. We go to commercial.

Viking Raiders vs. Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss

Viking Raiders look to finish things with a top rope splash, but Moss and Corbin escape and take a countout loss.

Winners by countout: Viking Raiders 

After the match, the music hits as Ivar and Erik challenge Corbin and Moss to come back to the ring but they want no part of it.

– Sami Zayn approaches Hit Row’s Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, “Top Dolla” AJ Francis and Ashante “Thee” Adonis backstage. He welcomes them to SmackDown and says as a locker room leader, sometimes he has to tell people what they need to hear and their entrance a few weeks ago was flat. It actually sucked. Sami says they could be big players here on SmackDown, especially Top Dolla, who could be a pillar on the brand, but they need some work, some finessing. Dolla asks Sami if he can show them what he means with the proper entrance. Sami says he can, and then he heads off, telling them to get ready, take notes and follow him. Hit Row laughs as Sami rushes off. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see a video package of highlights from this week’s RAW.

– We go back to the stage and out comes Sami Zayn to the music. He kicks and marches around, apparently showing Hit Row how to do a proper entrance. Sami takes the mic and says that is how you do it, kids, that is called being fearless, having presence, being in the present, which you need to be in the SmackDown locker room. Sami says Hit Row can have those same qualities with his leadership. Sami goes on and calls on the fans to give a big SmackDown welcome to Hit Row. The music hits and out comes Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, “Top Dolla” AJ Francis and Ashante “Thee” Adonis.

They say Sami thinks he runs Hit Row but they wouldn’t let him run their bath water. Dolla declares that Sami sucks. This starts a “Sami sucks!” chant from the crowd. Sami says that’s fine if they don’t want his help. He goes to leave but they have the entrance-way blocked. Sami says he didn’t come to fight. They finally let him pass and Sami says he won’t forget his. Hit Row laughs at Sami and says if you didn’t know, now you know. Hit Row celebrates as their music starts back up.

– The Bloodline is backstage before the main event. The Usos head out and Jimmy Uso asks Roman Reigns if he’s coming out to the ring with them. Reigns asks Jimmy how many of his problems does Reigns have to fix around here. Jimmy looks at him and walks off. Reigns stays seated with Paul Heyman behind him looking on.

King Woods vs. Jey Uso

After a series of roll ups and interference, Woods rolls up Uso from behind for the win.

Winner: King Woods

After the match, the music hits as The New Day celebrates to a big pop. The Usos are not happy as they have words with the referee but he stops them from leaving. Mike Rome announces that Jimmy must now bend the knee and pay homage to King Woods. Woods puts on his crown and brings his scepter in the ring as “bend the knee!” chants start up. Jimmy says no way but the referee tells him he must follow the stipulation. Jimmy slowly bends his knee as Woods points the scepter at him. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns suddenly flies into the ring and drops Woods with a big Superman Punch. The Bloodline unloads on The New Day now as fans boo. They’re focusing on Kofi while Woods comes from behind on Reigns. They fight and The Usos drop Woods with a double superkick. Some fans chant “we want Lesnar!” now.

Reigns levels Kofi with a huge Spear. The Bloodline stands tall and The Usos double team Kofi to take out his leg. Jey holds Kofi down in a single Crab while Jimmy goes to the top for a splash down on the knee, while Reigns holds Woods down and makes him watch. The boos get louder. Reigns grabs his title belt and kneels down to talk more trash to Woods, threatening him if he decides to show up next week. Reigns raises the WWE Universal Title belt in the air and plays to the crowd for more boos as SmackDown goes off the air.

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