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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results January 20, 2023


Returning from commercial, Butch is reaching for a tag to Holland but he is being kept back by Ludwig Kaiser. Butch is able to make the tag and Holland runs through Kaiser with ease. He picks up both members of Imperium and slams them to the mat. Butch takes to the top rope but misses his move due to Holland being rammed into the steel steps by Vinci. Butch locks in an arm bar but Ludwig makes the tag to Giovanni Vinci. Imperium line up for a double team maneuver but Holland breaks it up. Butch and Vinci exchange chops with Butch hitting a Tornado DDT. Both men make a tag to their partners. Holland storms the ring and tosses Kaiser around with numerous slams and suplexes. Giovanni Vinci hits Butch with a suplex on the outside and makes the blind tag to Kaiser. They set Holland up for the Imperial Drop and lay him out. Vinci covers and they score the pinfall victory. Imperium advance in the tournament.

Paul Heyman approaches Sami Zayn backstage and tells him the Tribal Chief will see him now.

Legado Del Fantasma defeat Maximum Male Models

Maximum Male Models take the early lead as they double team the members of Legado Del Fantasma. The two teams exchange back and forth with double team maneuvers and blind tags. Legado Del Fantasma hit a double superkick and cover for the pin. Legado Del Fantasma win via pinfall. They advance in the tournament.

Sami Zayn approaches Roman Reigns backstage. Roman says to Sami that he knows he has an anger issue. He says maybe he hadn’t understood Sami’s questions earlier in the night. Roman says as the Tribal Chief he has to foresee all scenarios. He says he expects to be betrayed. Sami reassures him that he will always be there for the Bloodline. Roman tells Sami to have the cars ready to go for after the contract signing.

Adam Pearce is in the ring, ready for the contract signing. Roman Reigns’ music hits and he comes down the aisle with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman by his side. Roman takes a seat and puts his feet up on the table in the ring. Kevin Owens comes out of nowhere and tosses Solo Sikoa out of the ring. He nails Roman with a stunner and goes to meet the Usos on the outside of the ring. He disposes of them and returns to the ring where he powerbombs Roman through the table. Kevin Owens approaches Paul Heyman and grabs the contract out of his hands. As he signs it Sami Zayn comes out and chases Kevin Owens from the ring. 

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