Friday, June 14, 2024


Katie Lea Burchill

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Katarina Waters Talks Being A WWE Diva, Playing Temptress in WOW, and More

Katarina Waters has been in the Professional Wrestling business for 18 years. WWE fans might know her as Katie Lea Burchill, IMPACT fans might...

​Katie Lea Burchill: ‘The PG Era “Killed My Gimmick”, Discusses TNA Departure, More

As Andy reported on Thursday here on eWN, a new interview with former WWE "Diva" Katie Lea Burchill is online. During the podcast,...

The Best Of British, Vol. 3

Rob Terry (Welsh)While "The Freak" has been criticized for his lack of wrestling ability, it does not take away the fact he's one of...

Updates On Cliff Compton, Little Guido & Katie Lea Burchill

-- Cliff Compton is set to return to Nigeria after his recent issues trying to get out of the country when a tour put...
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