-- Thanks to Pete for sending in the following report: I saw a post about the disrespectful crowd at the WWE Hall of Fame Saturday. I wanted to add my two cents from where I was sitting Saturday night. We were up in the 200s and my father and I never felt more disgusted than we did that night. From the never ending booing of Trish Stratus' husband (which went from. playful to uncomfortable) to the Maria Menounos catcalls, it was totally sickening. If Bruno Sammartino sat in that crowd, he would never return to the Garden again. Not to mention the three random fans minimum in my section who walked in late, hammered and caused several distractions throughout the show. A real failing grade by the NYC fans who made it about them and not about the Hall of Famers.

-- Cassandra, a fan in attendance from last night’s RAW, sent out the following to WrestlingNewsMafia.com: I was at last night’s RAW and have seen many people online are curious about what was chanted during commercials or what was not picked up by the mics. I tried to give explanations for some of the chants but some are impossible to explain. Here are the chants: RVD, X-Pac, Triple H (not actually during any recap about him), We Want Gold dust!, Sexual Chocolate, Cena Sucks, Same Old Shit, Throw the Chair! (Big Show throwing almost all the chairs), STEAL HIS GIRL (trying to convince Jericho to steal Fandango’s girl), Hallelujah (Sandow reference), Albert, FEED ME MORE, We Are Awesome!, Boring, YES, NO, Undertaker!, We Want Big Show!, Thank You Big Show!, BULLSHIT! (The Rock not being there for even a promo), WE WANT ZIGGLER!!!! (during Big E’s match and even during Cena vs. Henry), ICE CREAM MAN! (the vender, a fan even hugged him!, during Sheamus vs. Orton), Pretzel Guy! (vender), cotton candy! (vender), Randy Savage, The Soccer Chant Song, CM Punk (like Triple H, random), Fandango, Y2J, HBK (random), Best Crowd Ever, WE WANT PUPPIES!, You Just Said That! (Booker T repeating himself), Cody’s Mustache, and last but not least... DUN NUH DUN NUH NUH also during Fandango’s theme.

-- Shawn Valentino sent in this report to Pw.net:

The audience at Raw was an ECW-type raucous crowd that completely made an otherwise dull program. We were doing ridiculous chants at the most inappropriate times. Fans were singing songs, doing the wave, etc. It was a surreal experience.

This was the first three-hour Raw I have ever attended in person. It felt like I was in the arena for ten hours. It was such a painstaking experience that I had to wander the hallway for about 45 minutes to make it bearable.

Dolph Ziggler got by far the biggest ovation of the night, and there was anticipation of his cashing in the briefcase throughout the night.

John Cena was booed out of the building and he did not help matters with his usual dork antics. If this is the Cena that we will get as champ, it is going to be a long year!

This show highlighted the creative deficiency of the last ten years as the current crop of dull, lifeless characters that WWE has stuffed down our throats received no reaction. Lame characters like Alberto Del Rio, Miz, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, etc received little to no reaction.

The audience's frustration of the dull quality of the show for the first hour or so finally boiled over when Sheamus and Randy Orton came out. The audience reaction to the miscast Orton and the goofy Irishman was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. After being received by crickets, the match took on a transcendent atmosphere as we started random chants to entertain ourselves. Some of the better ones were when the crowd echoed the names of RVD, JBL, Michael Cole, Justin Roberts, Mike Kioto, etc. At one point, the wave even broke out. It was absolutely hilarious, and no matter how it came across on television, it could not have possibly captured the absurdity of being there. When Big Show came out, the chant of "Thank You Big Show" broke out and when he was unable to throw a chair into the ring, we screamed out, "One more chair!" Orton and Sheamus should have been embarrassed, but it was really a message to the WWE creative department that they have completely failed in creating compelling characters in the past decade. It was one of my highlights as a wrestling fan.

The hilarity continued when Fandango entered the ring and the audience danced and hummed his music. By this point, the show had become a complete mockery and the most entertaining moments were provided by the fans....