Disqus Rules and Regulations


Dear EWN Community, we’re here to establish some rules for using Disqus and keep an orderly community. Please read carefully and participate respectfully!

Minor Offenses:

Offensive Remarks: Usually involves harassment, bullying, or attacks towards other members, moderators, administrator, staff, etc. Sometimes in extreme cases, these can apply to wrestlers or performers. (Ex. Telling a wrestler or performer to kill themselves). Please use your own judgement on humor. A major difference between dark comedy and jokes to outright shock value.

Spamming: This one is specifically for those who try to spam pointless nonsense. This also goes for members who try to repeat same sentences that were originally deleted by moderators.

Posting Video, Gifs, and Pictures: While we do allow posting of video content, gifs, and pictures on the site, we do have problems when it becomes an annoyance. Posting numerous amounts in a row, using them as a means to attack other users, or explicit sexual content. Moderators have permission to delete any video, GIF, picture they deem to be inappropriate for the site’s purpose. In most cases, deletion might be the only punishment (unless stated otherwise).

Advertisement: Advertisements for personal stuff (Like your social media page) is fine. However, for example, if you sell a wrestling related product and decide to advertise it on this site without the consent of the webmaster, is not allowed.

Posting Spoilers:  Most of us hate being spoiled, so keep whatever stuff happens on a show in that discussion thread. Discussing shows currently airing on television (live or taped) is not against the rules here, but posting spoilers for taped shows in advance is.


Major Offenses:

Racial/Hateful/Sexist Remarks: Acting like a bigot, saying hateful remarks to any race, gender, sexuality, etc. Again, like with the Offensive Remark rule, a major difference between dark humor and shock value.

Antagonizing Moderators: This applies to the following:

  1. Backseat Modding (Trying to “moderate” when you aren’t a moderator)
  2. Interfering in a moderator’s actions that don’t involve you.
  3. Being utterly dramatic over a punishment or dragging it across the website.
  4. Acting rebellious or trying to be above the rules. (Being “popular” on the site doesn’t give you the rights to break rules or act like a jerk.)

These actions above are extremely irritable and does nothing but harm you and your reputation with the moderators. In certain cases, these can lead to automatic banishment.


Automatic Banishment:

Posting Porn: Anything that includes male or female nudity by traditional social/internet standards. In other words, this website does not endorse pornographic images and content nor does it have an adult disclaimer. Any content that you would find in a pornographic website is strictly prohibited. Sometimes people like to blur the line here, but moderators will use their discretion and reserve the right to remove anything deemed pornographic.

Sabotage: Attempting to sabotage the community. Examples are but not limited to:

  1. Hacking the site itself
  2. Impersonating other users
  3. Phishing/Doxing
  4. Inciting flame wars by bringing “drama” on the site or bringing it from other sites
  5. Openly campaigning or advocating publicly to remove a moderator or member from the site.

Ban Evasion: This is when you come back before your punishment is up (or if you already permaban).

Obvious Trolls/Spam Bots: Usually people who create accounts and then start breaking the rules immediately. If your first act of after an creating account is to break the rules, moderators nor admins will be wasting their time on you.


Banning System:

First Minor Offense: Warning

Second Minor Offense: Last Warning

Third Minor Offense/First Major Offense: One Week Temporary Ban

Fourth Minor Offense/Second Major Offense: One Month Temporary Ban

Fifth Minor Offense/Third Major Offense/Automatic: Permabanned

One last thing. Administrator and the moderators can decide in certain conditions if you deserve a higher or lower form of punishment on ANY of the rules. The guideline above is more of a basis of what most likely will happen.


Other Rules/Information:

Posting Links/Pending Messages: Sometimes, links, gifs or pics might be put into a “pending” status until a moderator approves of it. If you have messages or link that you need approval of, try to get a moderator who is available to approve it. Obviously posting stuff that is against the rules will be given the proper punishment. Some people have been added on a “Trust list” (Which allows you to post links and messages without it being put to pending). Please do NOT ask to be added, we will if we feel you earned it.

Moderators/Administrator: We put our trust into the moderators to make sure the site is a productive, civil, and the guidelines above are being enforced. Whether that is deleting posts deemed inappropriate, removing misbehaving members, or making sure things remain civil in EWrestlingNews, we ask you to please respect the moderators’ decisions. Arguing with mods in public is unproductive and is extremely discouraged. This also applies to the Disqus Administrator for EWrestlingNews, who does all above and must keep an eye on the moderators and ban appeals. If you have a serious issue with a moderator, contact one of the administrators in their emails below.

If you’re banned on EWrestlingNews: If you feel like moderators have made a judgement error, please state your case and make an appeal using the form below if you’d like to be allowed back into the Disqus system. Make sure to include your username and email associated with the discussion platform. Do not abuse the appeal form to send hate or stuff unrelated to it intended use.


The Team



Empirewild: ([email protected]) (Disqus Admin. Possibly a Japanese high school girl in a harem anime. I am the one who made the rules, so please send me an email if you have question about the rules, moderators, and other similar situations.)

Kyle Dunning: ([email protected]) (Writer/Social Media Admin. He has a cool baseball bat. You can send an email if you want to write for EWrestlingNews.)


Eric T: ([email protected]) (New JApan’s #1 fan. Best Husbando. HE IS MY MAN, GET YOUR OWN!.)

Yapptiestrap: (EWN Fed Booker. Rigs all the matches. Doesn’t work on house shows. Getting paid $25 million dollars to sit at home.)

Sparky: (#1 Triple Nose fanboy. Also, he is James Ellsworth. Find him at your local news article about Jim Ross and Triple H.)

Tsaalyo: (BUHBUHBURRRRRRRRRRN. Also in love with Jim Cornette. Also, he isn’t like most girls.)

Vegemite Kid: (Australian Dude. Largest Vegemite Collection. I got nothing witty to say about him………………………………………………………….Pie.)

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NO FUN ALLOWED: Fun is forbidden anywhere on EWrestlingNews and will result in immediate vacation for life in the Caribbean!

EWN Fed: The entire thing is rigged. Especially towards filthy scum Tooth Family members.

No Lesbians Allowed:  But gays are ok. Lesbians are forbidden, so Name-chan is always vacationed!

Siberian Sky: PLEASE COME BACK ☹:  Everyday he doesn’t come back, I randomly choose an EWN Member and sacrifice him/her/it to the almighty Cthulhu.

“Frank”: Your new lord and savior! Bow to him mortals!

Brothel Happy Hour: Happy Hour in the brothels are on Wednesdays between 1-5PMand you get 25% off on spinners.


Kyle Dunning: Fixes all spelling errors in the universe………including the ones I made before publishing these rules.

The most important rule: The mere act of existing is not allowed on EWN. So, you’ve already been vacationed! DUN DUN DUN!

(This section is a joke. Luv Empirewild.)

(P.S. Daddy)

(P.S.S. Austin Aries has great packages)

(P.S.S.S TJ Perkins is homeless and has a Gameboy)

(P.S.S.S.S. Everyone in wrestling has been arrested by Enforcer and the EWN Police. Especially that child abuser Kenny Omega.)

If you have found any errors or unfairness in your ban. You may contact the administrators for an appeal. To do so, please fill out the appeal form below.