Disqus Rules and Regulations


These are the rules established here on EWrestlingNews for all members, moderators, and administration. Breaking these rules can lead to either 1.) Removal of comments and/or 2.) Removal from commenting on the site itself. Unless stated to you otherwise, all bans are considered permanent.


Offensive Remarks: Harassment, bullying, or attacking of other members, moderators, administration, or staff is strictly prohibited. Swearing is not prohibited, but racial, sexist, homophobic, or any bigotry slurs are not allowed.

Trolling: Baiting users into fights to start conflict or drama is not allowed. Also creating accounts to break rules or ban evasion falls under this category.

Spamming/Spoilers: Posting same comment more than once, posting advertisements that sell products or services, or posting private information is not allowed. Posting spoilers of shows still not aired or shown (Wrestling related or not) is not allowed.

Antagonizing Moderators: Backseat modding, attacking moderator for decisions, or anything to further complicated matter not involving you is forbidden. Issues with moderator decisions can be made in the appeal form below.

Posting Images/Gifs/Photos/Etc.: Posting of videos, images, and gifs are allowed. However, videos or images containing grotesque, sexual, or any explicit extreme content is prohibited.

Sabotage: Any attempts hacking, impersonation, doxing, flame wars, or anything to entice drama is absolutely barred from this site.

Advertisement: Advertisements for personal stuff (Like your social media page) is fine. However, for example, if you sell a wrestling related product and decide to advertise it on this site without the consent of the webmaster, is not allowed.


If you have any questions of the rules, moderator actions, banishment appeals; you may use the contact below to ask any questions or concerns directly towards the administration below. Refusal to provide legitimate information (Fake email, username, etc.) about your concerns will be ignored and thrown out.

If you have found any errors or unfairness in your ban. You may contact the administrators for an appeal. To do so, please fill out the appeal form below.