Disqus Rules and Regulations


These are the rules established here on EWrestlingNews for all members, moderators, and administration. Breaking these rules can lead to either 1.) Removal of comments and/or 2.) Removal from commenting on the site itself. Unless stated to you otherwise, all bans are considered permanent.

Offensive Remarks: “Directing harassment at other users, moderators, or staff is not allowed. Swearing is not strictly prohibited, as we allow users to curse in a light manner. However, your comments could be removed if moderators feel they are excessive.”

Discrimination: “Discriminatory comments are strictly prohibited, including but not limited to sexist, racist, homophobic, et al”

Trolling: “Baiting users, moderators and staff to start conflict is not allowed. This also includes impersonation, encouraging flame wars, being purposely oversensitive to get others banned, and anything else the moderators deem damaging to the community.”

Spoilers: Posting the results of any wrestling related shows which have yet to air online or on television is not allowed. This is a bigger offense in live results/viewing party threads because it may upset other users. You may discuss the results of any reported show with a **Spoiler** tag in the title, but we encourage you to keep it within the specified thread.

Spamming: Excessively repeating the same action is not allowed. This includes comments with text, media, advertisements selling products/services, or anything else a moderator deems inappropriate. The site encourages comment votes, but if a user is voting to excess in many threads, we may see this as spamming. Also, if a user overly flags posts in a short time, this will be seen as spamming unless a credible reason is given.

Antagonizing Moderators: We ask that you respect moderator decisions and not attempt to attack or complicate matters. Questioning a moderator’s behavior is allowed, but you should not be telling them what to do (Backseat Modding). Group efforts to target the team or a single moderator may cause serious action being taken. If you have any issues with a decision or moderator, please send as much information as you can in the appeal form below.

Posting Media: Videos, Images, and GIFs are allowed. If you cannot post them, you may need to ask a moderator to put you on our trusted list. However, any media containing grotesque, sexual, or any explicit extreme content is prohibited. We may remove any media with restricted words without warning. Also, Disqus profile images need to adhere to these standards, and the moderators do not need to ask you to remove anything offensive. Please take it upon yourself to ensure this is acceptable, or you risk your profile being refused. The team may withhold the posting of media by all users given specific circumstances.

Sabotage: Any hacking attempts, impersonation, doxing, flame wars, mass poaching, disclosing someone’s personal information (including media) without consent, or any other forms which haven’t been covered, is completely barred from the site. Moderators will take serious action if there is enough evidence to suggest sabotage. If you are convinced that yourself, another user, a moderator, member of staff, or the site is being sabotaged, please send as much information as you can in the appeal form below.

Restricted Words/Toxic Comments: The site employs a list of restricted words, so if you were to post a comment with any of them, it shall be automatically moved in to pending status until a moderator decides if it is appropriate. The Disqus platform automatically detects toxic comments intending to direct insults at other users. It will move these in to pending status, and can only become available if a moderator decides they are appropriate.

Otherwise, comments are only removed by moderators if they are an obvious breach of the rules set out in the comment policy. Other users do not have an option to delete your comments. You can ask a moderator if we deleted your comment, or if Disqus sent it in to pending status, and they will let you know of its status. You will respect if a moderator excludes your comment from the community. If you feel a term should be added to the list of restricted words, please forward this on to Kyle Dunning (Community Admin), and he will consider its inclusion.

Advertisement: Advertising personal accounts (like your social media page) is acceptable, although you should understand we are not responsible for anything which happens away from Disqus. If you are selling a product and advertising it on the site, it is strictly prohibited to do so without an admin’s consent. After a warning, repeated advertising may cause the removal of your profile.

Actively plugging other similar wrestling products (like wrestling news sites) is not allowed. However, linking users to take part in other wrestling related discussion threads is allowed, so long as it’s not perceived as mass poaching. The eWrestlingNews team would prefer you contact the site so we can work out an agreement which benefits both parties. Please contact Frank Holliday (Site Admin) or Kyle Dunning (Community Admin) via the Contact Us page found at this link: contact

– The above comment policy is a guide and can be interpreted differently by individual moderators. The team has direct communication with each other and will collectively decide on an outcome for borderline incidents. If you feel you are being unfairly treated by a moderator, you may ask for another’s opinion. Light offenses may cause a temporary ban, and you can ask a moderator how long this will be. With further evidence coming to light, a moderator may shorten or lengthen a temporary ban at their discretion.

Repeated light offenses, or a clear breach of the policy, may cause a permanent ban. You can appeal through the form, however, there is no guarantee any decision will be overturned. Given proper respect, the site is likely to honor a second chance, but rarely a third or fourth, so please consider the consequences your behavior may have. We hope to continue enjoying a respectful community of wrestling fans who feel free to discuss with no aggravation. Thank you for visiting eWrestlingNews!

If you have found any errors or unfairness in your ban. You may contact the administrators for an appeal. To do so, please fill out the appeal form below.