Thursday, May 23, 2024

How to Join eWrestlingNews

We are always looking to expand our team. We’d love to hear how you’d like to contribute to eWrestlingNews.

We break our contribution type into 3 zones: Staff, Freelance, and Volunteer.

Staff – is considered part-time on a daily reporting schedule rotation. There will be a monthly wage as well as a daily time-slot which they cover the news.

Freelance Editorial
– Opinion based articles are paid at per post basis.

Freelance News – News based articles are contribution paid at per post basis. 

We have several categories in joining our team. Please take a look at the three categories below and see what suits you the most.

News Writers

We are constantly updating our site with the latest news. We do get overwhelmed and love to get some short and long term writers.

This job requires the applicant to be up-to-date with wrestling news around the clock. You must be able to acquire news and rumors from reputable sources, that can include (but not limited) other wrestling sites, company insiders, or socials platforms.

We are looking for volunteer and freelance positions to help alleviate busy nights when there are explosive amount of news to cover.

Editorial Writers

With the amount of news floating around, people love to hear what we think. These are opinion-based or analysis pieces reflecting on the trending news or events at its time.

We are looking for writers who can form opinions and ideas, and be able to write them out eloquently. We like these articles to be reflective of current events and news, and therefore, needs to be some what timely and tasteful.

For this position, we are looking for volunteers and freelancers.

Social Team

We are looking for social media savvy volunteer and freelancers to put our names out there.

You will have access to our Twitter and Facebook page to help us with social media on nights and days that are busy.

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