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Eric Young
Jeremy Fritz
  • Birthdate: 12/15/1979 (age 36)
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 225 Ib

During his TNA career, he is a former TNA World...

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Credit: PWInsider.com

TNA stars made a number of appearances on FOX & Friends this morning on The FOX News Network. The show had a TNA wrestling ring (four-sides) set up outside with a banner for The Manhattan Center, who are handling production of this week's tapings, hanging in the background on the ring ropes.

The first appearance was Eric Young, who was described as the "legendary champion." They showed clips of his Animal Planet series "No Limits" and he was introduced in the ring. They noted he was a former champion and he said it was a bummer that he lost the belt last week to a big guy named Lashley. He said when you are champion, sooner or later, the numbers game catches up to you.

Young discussed some of the crazy things he does on his series, which he said he does because he loved the adrenaline and that he gets to meet some really amazing, crazy people. He joked that his parents wanted him to get an office job. He said the craziest thing is slack climbing.

TNA champion Bobby Lashley showed up with the title and got in Young's face. Young told him, "That was my belt" and that he needed his friends MVP and Kenny King to take it. Lashley held the belt up and then put it over his shoulder, saying he didn't need anyone's help and he took it all by himself. Young said that, "We have three days." So, I guess they are having a rematch at the taping on Friday, although that was never explicity said. Lashley said he doesn't have anything to say to him.

They both stood there staring at each other as the host fed it to other anchors in the studio, telling them they were going to have to get in the ring with Lashley and Young later. The host then had them stare into the camera together.

Later on, Lashey was joined by Bully Ray, Gunner and Velvet Sky and the quartet were shown working over someone wearing an Impact shirt in the ring.

There was a second segment where the hosts all met the wrestlers (sans Young) in the ring with the idea that some of the female hosts would be in the ring wrestling under the tutelage of the TNA talents. The hosts all received silly "wrestling nicknames" from viewers.

Velvet was asked to review some of the moves that the women could use to take someone down. Bully showed them how to lock up. The hosts were pretty awful, as you could imagine. They asked Bully and Lashley about hitting the ropes. Ray agreed but went into hard sell mode pushing that TNA was taping for the first time ever in NYC at the Manhattan Center. The hosts were tossed into the ropes and fell as Ray feigned hitting them with clotheslines.