As seen last night at WWE Hell in a Cell, AJ Lee successfully defend the WWE Divas Championship against Brie Bella. Attempting to kick Lee, Brie inadvertently leveled Nikki as she combated Tamina, knocking her twin off the apron and onto the ringside floor. The miscue was enough to open the door for Lee to put her in the Black Widow. Nikki is taking the blame for Brie's loss, as she wrote on Twitter, "Another Divas Championship match I have ruined. So sorry Brie 4 distracting u again. I promise u will get it next time! N #SisterlyLove"

Brie responded on Instagram, "It wasn't you was me! I might of let the #bellaarmy down tonight, but I won't stop till I'm Champ. As long as you all stand behind me, I won't give up! #briemode."