-- As noted earlier, TNA star Christopher Daniels turns 42 today.

-- As noted yesterday here on the website, TNA star Kurt Angle reportedly worked this weekend's live events with an injured leg and is believed to have suffered another hamstring injury.

-- Ranjit Chahal sent this one in: Hey Ryan, Apparently Sean Waltman/Xpac had an accident recently when he did the 'Bronco Buster' move which split him open. This was posted on twitter by @Alicianicole79 (Ryan Shamrock): alicianicole79We don't know if there is a medical term for it...but he did a bronco buster last night that literally ripped his ass apart! :-/ Lost a lot of blood! Had surgery this morning and is on the road to recovery! Believe it or not..this has happened to him once before! #wrestling #seanwaltman #xpac @therealxpac#getwellsoonxpac. Back at the hospital.. Trying to take Sean Sean home.. We shall see what the Doc says. (He's trying to fake a smile)

As noted, there was obviously some sort of accident involving the "Bronco Buster". Ryan Shamrock posted a picture of them (w/ Waltman) in the hospital following surgery, etc. This was also retweeted by Jim Ross.

Either way when you hear "literally ripped his ass apart" ......... OUCH!!!!