Wwe s plans for the future direction of sheamus s character rumors
Stephen Farrelly
  • Birthdate: 01/28/1978 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 267 Ib

Prior to joining WWE, Farrelly was a two-time I...

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-- After retaining his World Heavyweight Championship Sunday night at No Way Out, a weary Sheamus shared his thoughts on both the victory and his opponent, Dolph Ziggler. "He pushed me as far as anyone has pushed me as World Heavyweight Champion," The Great White says to WWE.com. "And I'll be honest, there was a couple of really close ones out there where I had just enough to kick out. Make no mistake about it, I love to fight, Dolph Ziggler proved to tonight that he likes to fight too, and I'll be honest, he's this close away (makes hand gesture) from breaking into the next level. My hat's off to him." He continues, "But again, I walked away at No Way Out as World Heavyweight Champion, and tonight, I think I've deserved a few more pints."

-- As noted earlier, WWE's Breaking News mobile alert service reported Monday afternoon that former General Manager and Executive Vice President of Talent John Laurinaitis will give his farewell address on tonight's RAW SuperShow. Laurinaitis added on Twitter, "They haven't taken away my Twitter accounts yet ... Tonight on #Raw, I say farewell with the class and dignity that #PeoplePower deserves." John Cena's Steel Cage Match victory over Big Show at No Way Out carried the stipulation that Laurinaitis would be terminated if The World's Largest Athlete couldn’t pick up the duke.