Gabe Sapolsky sent out the following "State of EVOLVE & DGUSA" address today…


We are extremely proud of the roster we have built over the last few years. It's been an amazing journey watching the new generation grow and develop into today's new stars. This is the strength of DGUSA and EVOLVE.

2012 was a landmark year. We said goodbye to PAC and Brodie Lee, who both signed WWE contracts. Recently, we saw Jon Moxley, who has an extensive history in DGUSA and EVOLVE, make a sudden impact in WWE as Dean Ambrose. These developments prove that the new wave of major league talent is on the current DGUSA/EVOLVE roster.

DGUSA/EVOLVE does not have tomorrow's stars, our roster features the best going today. We have strengthened our roster this year with over 15 talents signed to contracts. In addition, our positive work environment and growth potential has allowed us to re-sign several of our established stars to multi-year contracts. This means we have secured a tremendous roster for you to follow.

We are also pleased that several talents have been able to travel to Japan to have a strong presence in Dragon Gate. Ricochet is a legitimate star in Japan. Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano, half of the Open The United Gate Champions AR Fox, Rich Swann, Larry Dallas and now Scott Reed have all had successful tours of Japan in 2012.

Another positive development was the arrival of guest stars, particularly El Generico. He has been a significant force in both DGUSA and EVOLVE after his unforgettable surprise debut at Mercury Rising 2012. Other notable guests in 2012 include Colt Cabana, The Young Bucks, Sara Del Rey, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and some extreme favorites at EVOLVE 10. There is no telling who will show up in 2013.

This might sound like a lot of hype and bragging, but we are this proud of our roster. We are very excited about the possibilities going into 2013.

Live Events

It was a very mixed year for DGUSA and EVOLVE live events. We entered 2012 with a goal of running more live shows. We felt that only running three EVOLVE cards in 2011 stalled the momentum of the promotion. In addition, we felt there was too long of a gap between DGUSA weekends in 2011. The solution was to form a union between the two brands, run more EVOLVE cards between DGUSA weekends and build momentum. This was both a success and failure.

The first failure was losing three of our mainstay, "go to" buildings due to various reasons. BB King's in Manhattan wasn't happy with the food and drink sales at our events and would not book anymore shows. The former ECW Arena in Philadelphia and the Ace Arena in New Jersey both closed down. This left us without any homes in the Northeast. We are still struggling to find a new one. We do have hopes for The Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ, which is a first class, centralized facility.

This has led us to try new areas with mixed results. The year started out hot with great crowds in Philadelphia for the final Arena show, Los Angeles and Miami. However, we were unable to draw good crowds in new areas like the Carolinas and Florida. We also had decent results in the Midwest and Toronto, and were devastated by Hurricane Sandy at the last DGUSA tripleshot.

However, we do feel positive about the fact that we tried some new areas. We hope to continue that in 2013 and even build on what we started this year. We do not rule out running shows anywhere.

We were very pleased with the in ring quality of all the shows and felt more events provided a stronger product for you to follow. The outlook for 2013 is on the upswing. WrestleCon could be the biggest crowds in DGUSA/EVOLVE history. There are some leads in the New York City area for a new venue. A West Coast return in the works and there is some other stuff in development. We recognize a crowd can make or break a show. We will do our best to bring the most exciting action with a fun, good live atmosphere to you.


We realize this is a controversial area with DVD vs. iPPV distribution. We also know that we promised that DVDs would be out faster and while we have had several recent releases, we haven't delivered. You don't want to hear excuses, you just want DVDs. Now we will fill you in on what's going on. So here's the deal.

DGUSA/EVOLVE is a mom & pop small business operation with limited resources, both financially and...