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NewsGabe Sapolsky Is Now A Free Agent, Releases Statement On His Future

Gabe Sapolsky Is Now A Free Agent, Releases Statement On His Future



Former Ring of Honor booker and EVOLVE owner Gabe Sapolsky took to his Instagram page earlier today, announcing that his WWE non-compete clause has expired and he’s now a free agent.

Despite this, Sapolsky noted that he’s not looking at jobs in pro wrestling at the current time.

You can check out Sapolsky’s statement below:

My no compete clause with WWE ends today. I am now a free agent.

During the last 3 months something I never thought possible happened. I found interests outside of pro wrestling that I am very passionate about. As a result, I am committing myself to these newfound opportunities and not pursuing any jobs in wrestling. The key word is “pursuing.” I will still listen.

I am open to:

– Occasionally holding Twitter Spaces or group Zoom calls with indie wrestlers to give some of my knowledge for free if someone organizes it.

– 1-on-1 consulting wrestlers, promoters, creative people for $100 per hour. I will put my heart and soul in this and give you thorough, honest and constructive feedback/lessons.

– In-person seminar for $1000 or more plus trans/hotel.
– Starting an indie promotion with at least $1 million dollars in the bank at my disposal to back it.

I am not interested in doing any podcasts for free, writing a book or giving up any secrets and dirt. I will continue to post backstage pics from my career on my IG and share some of the lessons I’ve learned. Maybe I’ll tell some stories.

There is no one in this business with my resume. ECW was my college education. I created Ring Of Honor, Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE. I spent 5 years with NXT. I cherish the fact I had two amazing bosses and mentors in Paul Levesque and Paul Heyman. I had the best business partner and friend I could ask for in Sal Hamaoui. I take pride in helping many talents move forward in the business. My fingerprints are everywhere. The people who take shots at me are just trying to walk in my footsteps.

I want to make a quick mention of the NFT and Web3 community. When I dug a few layers deep, I have found amazing artists, supportive people, enthusiastic educators and long term visionary builders. You all make me feel like I’m 21 again and just entering the wrestling business.

I am so lucky to have had my career for over 28 years. I love every one of you who have supported me, bought tickets/merch or have just given me encouragement. I love about 90% of the talents and crew I have had the privilege to work with. You will always have my deepest appreciation. You all have my heart.

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