...Brooke. Tapa and ODB square off but Led’i Tapa hits her finisher on ODB. Gail gets on the microphone saying that she has beaten everyone in her division. So she is offering a challenge to anyone outside the company. She is so confident that if they beat her she will give them a title shot.

We get friends of AJ Styles video package showing him defending his title at a triple a event down in Mexico.

Knux, Garrett Bischoff & Bully Ray are shown backstage. Ray says that he see’s everything they do. He brings up their little talk with Mr. Anderson. He says he brought this club together for “us”. Knux points out that its all about Bully Ray then they start arguing. Garrett breaks them up; Knux says they are having a meeting and Taz is included. Really taz?

Dixie Carter is in the backstage office, she is on the phone saying that he cannot ruin this for her. Ethan Cater the 3rd walks in, Dixie says that they got to change things up. She wants him to pick his own opponent. He says this is the week his streak might end but Dixie says that can’t happen because he is a Carter.

Garrett Bischoff and Knux are in the ring because they want to talk about the future of the club. Taz comes in the ring; Bully Ray also comes to the ring. Ray asks them do they know who he is but Garrett interrupts him and says yes they do. He says Ray is the poison in the club. MR. Anderson interrupts them, he says the reason he is down here to watch this explode. Garrett says he is finished and takes his cut off. Ray says he could always count on Knux but he has other ideas. Knux says he doesn’t need the club or these colors as he takes off his cut. Ray says they have a tie and if there is a tie then it goes to the president. Ray says he wants to keep the club. Ray says that Taz knows what to do if the President tells him to do. Taz says they have always did the right thing but the club has always been about Bull Ray. He gives his cut to Ray but Ray tells him to put his colors back on. Taz says make me! They square off but Ray tells him one more time before he falls on his face. Taz says he will destroy him & to make him put it on him. Bully blames it is all Anderson fault. Ken says he doesn’t want to wrestle Bully but to fight him at Turning Point. Ray says he never understood that he respected Stone cold Steve Austin that he forgot the very first rule. Garrett & Knux attack Anderson from behind. They lay him out in the ring. Ray as he hits him with the chain (don’t trust anybody) they stand tall over the injured Anderson.

Bobby Roode comes down to the announce table and calls out Kurt Angle.

Ethan Carter 3 Vs. Dewey Barnes

Yes again Mike Tenay, alright back to the match. Ethan gets in control for the early part but Dewey fights back. He ends up misses a dive off the top rope & EC3 hits his finisher for the win.

Winner: EC3

Ethan gets on the microphone and introduces himself. He says the world needs him.

Joseph Parks are in the back eating candy. Bad Influence scares him and brings up that Abyss showed up last week. Eric Young says they will see them out in front of everyone in a match.

Bad Influence Vs. Joseph Parks & Eric Young

EY & Daniels start things off, they test strength but Kaz attacks young from behind. They go for a double team move but he reverses it. He tags in Parks and he hits a suplex. Parks works the arm and tags in EY for a double sledge off the top. EY with a head take over leading him to the outside. EY with a suicide dive to the outside. Back in the ring with EY hitting a cross body for 2. EY is thrown into the corner but flipped to the apron. A shoulder to Kaz but Daniels knocks him off. EY gets thrown into the ring and Daniels is tagged in off the double team kick/ clothesline for a 2 count. Bad Influence stays in control until EY reverses a suplex and gets the hot tag to Parks. Kaz distracts the referee so they reverse the tag. Kaz accidentally clotheslines Daniels. Parks gets the hot tag and he clears house with suplex to both me. He misses a splash in the