​A Live Fan Report From Shawn Michaels’ Appearance At Last Night’s Legends Of Wrestling Event


Credit: Keyle and Pwinsider.com

I attended the “Legends of the Ring” event headlined by Shawn Michaels on Saturday in Monroe, NJ and felt it was a pretty well-done event. The security workers were all helpful and friendly, and it started on time and stayed on a timely schedule.


It had a strong “ECW reunion” feel, with Rob Van Dam, Bully Ray, New Jack, Justin Credible, Doring & Roadkill, and Sabu all signing and taking photos with fans. I spoke with some of them and shook hands, and all were pretty friendly. This kind of event is almost for them too, as New Jack and Sabu hugged like old friends about to catch up, as were the BWO’s Stevie, Nova, and Meanie.

HBK was of course, the headliner here. The line moved quick for him for those who purchased tickets but, I was a bit disappointed with the actual interactions. He signed and smiled for photos, but was seated for almost all of them (as opposed to a New York Comic-Con) and, while friendly, I didn’t hear much in the way of conversation. Knowing that there were only around 150 fans he had to sign for, I thought they could have slowed this down so people got to interact a bit more, considering the price paid for an autograph and photo-op.

Otherwise, a pretty smooth event with lots of legends like new Hall-of-Famers Rikishi and Larry Z., Mick Foley, Jimmy Snuka, the Fink, and Harlem Heat. I’m sure others can fill in the blanks of this event if needed, but it was a fun time for most involved.

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