AJ Styles Leaving TNA Is Bad For Business


Dixie Carter said a couple months ago that TNA is “cash flow positive and they have no problems with money” yet they let go their biggest baby-face in the company and sense September their biggest star go. Right before “Bound for Glory” pay-per-view they resigned AJ to a short term deal that allowed him to stay in the company until early December. You have a guy who has been in the company since day one, he has done it all in the company and he doesn’t want to take a pay cut, and you don’t want to match his old deal but yet you keep around a guy like Sting who is in his fifties and cannot work like he used? Where are your priorities?

TNA of course launched in 2002 but I started watching TNA in mid-2004 when they were on fox sports for one hour on I believe a Saturday at that time. The first guy that I liked was AJ Styles, he had a personality that everyone could adapt to but he has held every tittle the company has. He is phenomenal and a guy who busted his A** for the company. He has reinvented himself on numerous occasions and has been a top guy for that company. Yes he is thirty six but he can still go with anyone.

Dixie Carter and TNA management slapped AJ Styles right in the face with the deal he was given, you go out and spend your money on Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and where did that get you? Nowhere, heck I think they were better off than without those guys. Yes they had a impact early on but what they were saying was not what was happening on screen. Jeff Jarrett has taken over and their product is almost good now days.

AJ Styles was built up in their “Bound for Glory Series” then went on to their biggest show of the year and beat the champion in Bully Ray at “Bound for Glory” then they give him a good storyline but when he comes back he all of a sudden isn’t needed and ultimately let go by the company.

Booking 101 here makes no sense and I think Styles leaving will be a blow to the company down the line. Will he come back? Maybe but at this time I think he will stick to the Indy scene.

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