Bright Future Waiting on a Direction


Over the years, the WWE locker room has always been filled with up and coming talent, hoping for the day they are being treated as the wrestler to build around. These were always the wrestlers that were being pushed by the likes of HBK, Ric Flair, and Triple H, in the hopes of putting them over. The world of professional wrestling usually goes in cycles as they work their way through the years, trying to develop superstars in the process. Obviously, with the development of wrestling schools and programs like NXT, wrestlers have a golden opportunity to define their skills with the intention of using them on the mainstream circuit.

Fortunately, for the WWE, there are many wrestlers on their current roster that can be talked about as being the face of the company. I know John Cena is the poster boy for Vince McMahon at the current time, but in John’s own words, “The time is now,” for some of this young talent to step up and take the torch. I think all they need is some direction and a push, which is exactly what these wrestlers listed below seem to be gearing up for.:

Bray Wyatt – Obviously, the WWE decided to use the Wyatt Family to bring the sadistic and charismatic leader they had hiding behind Luke and Eric. It has taken a little time, but Bray Wyatt has shown flashes of brilliance in the ring and on the mic. His finisher on Rey Mysterio in stride with the whip into the ropes was phenomenal, as well as his match with Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble. I, for one, did not think he was this sound of a wrestler, but lately my opinion has changed. I wrote an editorial on here about a month ago stating that Bray Wyatt could be one of the headliners at Wrestlemania XXX and people told me I was crazy. I just wonder, after seeing his character evolve, if they still have the same opinion???

Daniel Bryan – YES! YES! YES!..As the chants for Daniel Bryan can be heard all across the wrestling world, you better believe the WWE brass has no choice but to give the universe what it wants. In my opinion, it is unfortunate that it took the departure of CM Punk for the WWE to push make a push for Bryan, but it should all work out in the end. He is a very skilled wrestler who is developing his mic skills form week to week and always looking for ways to get into the big match. He should be given the belt at WM XXX and give the WWE a fresh year in the eyes of the universe.

Roman Reigns – Roman Reigns has the complete make up of what is needed to be a WWE superstar. He, just like Bray Wyatt, has been featured as part of a group (The Shield), in the hopes of bringing out his character slowly. After a year, his definition is starting to take place, gaining momentum for a big push heading into Wreslemania XXX. Obviously, he will have to learn how control a match as a singles opponent, but once that is mastered, the sky will be the limit.

Cody Rhodes – In my own opinion, after watching Cody over the last year, I think he is ready to garner a top spot within the WWE locker room. I’ve always thought that Cody was a sound technical wrestler, but over the past few months, he has shown the willingness to lay it all out on the line, in the hopes of one day competing for the title. This is another wrestler who has been typically teamed up with another wrestler or group, hoping to have him find his way to the spotlight. I have to say, seeing Cody flipping off the top of the cage last week brought back memories of Kurt Angle, showing he not only has the makeup of a superstar, but the guts to go along with it too.

These are just a few wrestlers, who I think have an n excellent opportunity to be the centerpiece of the company. I understand that we currently have guys like John Cena and Randy Orton in the forefront of the storylines, but they can’t hold up to the grueling schedule forever. Eventually, they will need to step aside and make way for the future. On a positive note, John Cena seems very willing and able to put over whomever the company seems intent on having as their center piece. This just shows the passion and respect John Cena has for this business and his peers. Lastly, if the WWE continues to push this new talent into the right direction, I think the future is brighter than it has ever been, setting us up for many good rivalries and success in the future.

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