Chris Jericho Continues To Be Marketable


Chris Jericho is nothing short of a wrestling Hall of Famer. During his nearly two-decade-long stint with WWF/WWE, Jericho held a championship 26 different times. He escalated as one of the company’s top heels for most of the 2000s. Along with the likes of Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero, he helped change the landscape for the smaller guys. Jericho is billed as the first-ever undisputed champion in WWF. In Japan, he continued to prove that he can draw a crowd anywhere. Against Kenny Omega in one of the biggest matches in professional wrestling of the year, Jericho put on his first five-star match (according to Dave Meltzer) of his career.

At the age of 49, when most wrestlers are past their prime and only doing a handful of appearances a year, Jericho once again changed the culture. He joined All Elite Wrestling and quickly became their big-name draw. The company put Jericho as the face of their company, something he thought WWE never did for him. He has gone on to become AEW’s first and current World Champion and their top heel.

It’s hard to argue that Jericho is one of the GOATs of professional wrestling but his legacy doesn’t stop there. Jericho is the frontman and founder of the rock band Fozzy. Since 2000, Fozzy has released seven albums. From their latest albumĀ Judas, the hit-single Judas has reached fifth on the US Mainstream Rock chart from Billboard. Fozzy has toured with the likes of Iron Maiden and Nickelback.

It doesn’t stop there. Jericho hosts a wrestling podcast, Talk is Jericho, with one of the largest followings. He has appeared in multiple films and television shows. His cruise, Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea, has sold out both of its bookings.

It’s no lie that anything with Jericho’s presence on it will sell. He has had some of the hottest selling merchandise on Pro Wrestling Tees. His newest business endeavor has reached a new milestone. Everyone is aware of Chris’s “A little bit of the bubbly” catchphrase and a top-selling shirt design came from it. Jericho has taken one step further.

Rumored for weeks, it has come true. Jericho has teamed with the likes of Nocking Point Wines and “Arrow” star Stephen Amell to release his own brand of the bubbly. “A Little Bit of the Bubbly” sparkling wine is available for pre-order and will ship out the second week of December. Some orders might get pushed back at this point, as over 10,000 orders have been placed. It only took two days to reach this milestone.

Who knows what else Jericho will market, but one thing is certain: it’ll sell out.

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