Daniel Bryan injured while still being WWE World Heavyweight Champion, now what?


Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX and he retained it on Raw and at Extreme Rules against Kane, now with Bryan being injured and still being WWE World Champion the tide has turned.

What’s the difference between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk being injured and still remain World Champion?

When CM Punk was injured while still being WWE Champion, he was a heel managed by Paul Heyman and Punk was having a lengthy reign with the title, but that was from Survivor Series 2013 to Royal Rumble 2014. Now about the injury situation with Daniel Bryan, Bryan’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign has just started from WrestleMania to the day he is injured (12 May edition of Raw), that’s just a disappointing 37 days and counting! And that’s counting if Stephanie McMahon and the Authority haven’t strip Daniel Bryan from the WWE World Title.

What actions would The Authority think about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

What Stephanie McMahon and The Authority can do is leave Daniel Bryan alone if he doesn’t want to vacate the WWE World Title as bothering him can bring not only a good storyline but also a little chance of a bad lawsuit from Daniel Bryan’s family.

Bryan’s family watch his title win on live TV while his late father, his then-fiancé (now wife) Brie Bella and his biggest fan the late Connor the Crusher watched the win live in the arena, if McMahon and even Triple H keep filming about asking Daniel Bryan to vacate the title is a slap in the face to the fans who want to see a fresh, new world champion than see the undeserving Randy Orton brag about how he retain the title with nobody’s help during the bout and the more undeserving Kane bragging about that he “destroyed” Daniel Bryan and took his precious championship away.

And to end of with this thought: Both The Authority and Stephanie McMahon should think, does Orton truly deserve the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after they give him a bad reputation and Kane still do not deserve to be WWE World Champion as well, he lost a match and him being given the title by McMahon if it happens is the ultimate insult to the legacy of their main world title if they haven’t insulted the legacy of the Big Gold Belt enough by re-unifying it with the WWE Championship.

Also another question: Can Daniel Bryan make it to Payback or even Money in the Bank? Will him being stripped off the title happen if he cannot defend it on two straight PPVs in a row?

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