“The Dino Bravado” : The Tragic Death of Wrestling Superstar Dino Bravo


“..To tell you the truth, I’m not a big wrestling fan and never was. However, when I read the memories on Dino’s section (speaking of the SLAM! Sports HOF section), it brought warmth to my heart. I may not know his wrestling career as much as some of you guys out there (great fans! :), but I loved him very much, as he was my uncle. I won’t tell you about his career, since you probably know as much (if not more!) then I, But I can tell you this, he was a great man. And yes, it’s true, he was a father all right, and a good one too! (To Claudia, my little cousin) I just wanted to thank all his fans, for being so supportive, even after his death.–Wallas (AKA Philippe Bresciano Potvin)

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