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Ken Shamrock Found Wrestling To Be Worse Than MMA, David Finlay Talks Alex Coughlin



During a recent Q&A session at Monopoly Events’ “For The Love of Wrestling” convention, former WWE Superstar Ken Shamrock shared the advice he received from WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart earlier in his career.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the advice Bret Hart gave him: “The one thing that was really beat into my head by Bret Hart was, like, you’re a mixed martial arts fighter. Don’t come here and be a pro wrestler.”

On the physical toll wrestling can take on your body: “When you get in there, you start thinking, oh, I’m gonna go in here and roll over and have some fun, and then you get in there and you start taking bumps day after day after day, and then about six months in, you’re going, ‘Damn, I feel a lot worse than I ever did fighting.’”

Alex Coughlin recently announced his retirement from wrestling, and his Bullet Club War Dogs stablemate, David Finlay, reacted to the announcement.

Finlay wrote the following on Twitter, “War Dogs will never be the same and you can never be replaced. MD4L”

You can check Coughlin and Finlay’s tweets below:

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