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Summerslam 2015
Live From NYC
18,000 Pack the Barclays Center for excitement action from “wrestlers” not “superstars” of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

*Note: This is a prediction list for the event, live only on the WWE Network, for only $9.99

Kickoff Show: R-Truth vs Fandango: Guys, this is a dud match promising to un promise to deliver. In my opinion, these two superstars are in a lackluster state and this would prove worthy for a rebuttal if anyone has any suggestion for a different kick off match.

Winner: R… I mean King Truth

( Matches In No Particular Order)

NYC Style Street Fight- U.S Title: John Cena (c) vs Kevin Owens: Let’s get to the foregone conclusion. Kevin Owens, will lose the title to Finn Balor when NXT invades Japan on July 4th. On a path of destruction, and probably the decimation and back and forth matches with John Cena at WWE Battleground, Owens will win. In a NYC style Street Fight, unmeasurable feats will be performed and in the case of Kevin Owens, decimation like he did to John Cena at WWE Battleground would be performed, presumably assuming the two face at WWE Battleground. Cena, clinches the victory in this hard fought battle but don’t except it to kick off the show.

Winner: John Cena

Divas Championship Match: Lumberjack Divas Match: Nikki Bella vs Paige: Everyone in the Divas Locker room has fell to the ill hearted Bella’s. In a case of bad vs evil, except nothing else but Divas at all corners of the ring to pull out malevolent maneuverers to protect the reign of the Bella’s. Assuming that good triumphs, let’s give this victory to the anti diva.

Winner: Paige

Intercontinental Championship Match: Triple Threat Encounter: Ryback (c) vs The Miz vs Big Show

At WWE Battleground, Ryback will sneak out with a victory seemingly but a victory against two former WWE champions. The three agree to dance again, this time on the 2nd grandest stage of them all: Summerslam. A dud match here with the same result but let’s say Ryback hoist up both Big Show and The Miz for a shell shock.

Winner: Ryback

WHY NOT: In this edition within an edition of a blog, I put in a WHY NOT match for the fans.

King Barrett vs Cesaro: Two kings, mastering different assets of power. Cesaro has nothing better to do when Tyson Kidd is on the shelf so when Cesaro masterfully gives himself the moniker of “The King” Barrett shell shocked about the decision, beats Cesaro to his Core and denounces the notion. This match could showcase the in ring ability of two wrestlers that could potentially have great chemistry and work towards a way of molding a new rivalry.

DUD Match: The New Day vs PTP with Neville: Logistics would tell you to label this match as a championship match. To think in the same mindset of the WWE, they will likely throw as many superstars into one match as the aforementioned lumberjack match. This match is a dud alongside the lumberjack match but could help…who am I kidding have a bathroom break ladies and jets.

Winners: PTP & Neville

Irish Street Fight: Sheamus & Kane vs Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton: I am crazy, another street fight in one match card. Ladies and jets, my key idea mashing in a WWE prospective is to add as many superstars to the mold as possible. To give Ambrose something to until the WWE title picture is clearer, he feuds with Sheamus and Kane, that goes for Orton too.

Winners: Ambrose & Orton

Grudge Match: HHH vs Seth Rollins: For the love of god, let’s not turn Rollins face. Rollins has developed miles with his gimmick and turning him face would be a mistake. In a WWE world, unfortunately that will happen and we are bound to see another boss/worker clash and another let’s say GRUDGE MATCH. Rollins, still a young wrestler needs to develop and needs to win this match.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt: Two wrestlers that will be lost in the shuffle come Summerslam. Ziggler, unlikely to get pushed will need a match to “STEAL THE WHOLE GOD DAMN SHOW” and this could be his opportunity. Ziggler, a word of advice just don’t sell the three count to much.

Winner and No Direction Goes to: Bray Wyatt

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns: MRk my words on your dusty old computer, Seth Rollins will lose the WWE Championship come WWE Battleground. Roman Reigns will have a victory against Bray Wyatt at Battleground and the story rights itself. Now, Lesnar wins and a curveball here it comes… NO Cash-In.

Hope you guys enjoyed. Please leave remarks in the comment section below and don’t be afraid to shoot me a message for any future blogs. Cheers.

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