Enough Games. Time For Ambrose to Turn Heel.


What Ambrose needs to do is come out one night and attack a face sympathetic with the crowd. He then needs to say something along the lines of “Since I split The Shield, I’ve done nothing but fight The Authority and be a nice guy, and what has that gotten me? Nothing. So I no longer care about you people, or anyone else. The only person I’m looking out for is me. Mark Henry said something similar to that when he turned heel during his monster year in 2011, and he ended up defeating Randy Orton to win his first World title. Now, Ambrose isn’t a monster heel, but the difference was the change in attitude. Ambrose was the clear leader of The Shield as he had the most time in the mic, stood in the middle when they were gathered in the ring and carried a singles belt as opposed to the tag belts of Rollins and Reigns. Now, Ambrose is watching from behind, and if Ambrose keeps up this attitude, he will continue lagging behind.


I don’t consider Ambrose a tweener, because he doesn’t attack faces often enough, if ever. Him as a tweener may work, but Ambrose a full heel would work much better for him. He needs to replace his semi-grin with a menacing scowl. He needs to develop more mature moves in the ring and take nonsense from no one. Beat up people backstage for the hell of it. Abandon the moniker of The Lunatic Fringe (or Cringe as some would use a pun) and just become a straight up ass-kicker. I believe a heel Ambrose and a face Rollins would make for a much better feud that if the roles were reversed. Rollins’ athletic nature and just natural babyface look just screams for him to get the crowd on his side. Ambrose doesn’t have those qualities. Ambrose is in the same boat as Reigns. Reigns has the look of a monster heel, the face of an ass-kicker and, on occassion, the attitude of a no-nonsense heel. Just keep those two away from each other. So in closing, Ambrose is near the point of no return.

WrestleMania’s bout with Lesnar reaffirmed to me that Ambrose a face simply doesn’t work. I was willing to give Ambrose as a face one more chance if he were to pick up the win that he needed, and he didn’t get it. So now, there can be no other alternative. Heel Ambrose must occur this year. WWE, quit with the formalities. Unleash the heel wanting to get out of Ambrose, or he will be mired in obscurity for the rest of his professional career.

Agree? Disagree? Want me to have sex with myself? Comment below. Until next time.

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