​Hulk Hogan Thinks Gawker Leaked The Racist Rant Story To Other Media Outlets, Gawker Responds


UPDATE: Gawker’s President and general counsel Heather Dietrick stated the following to TMZ…

“Hulk Hogan has only one person to blame for what he said and no one from Gawker had any role in leaking that information.”

ORIGINAL: TMZ reports that Hulk Hogan believes Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton is behind his racist rant leaking to the media and he wants Denton in jail. Hogan filed new documents in court for his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker. He asked the judge to begin a full investigation of Denton and former Gawker executive AJ Daulerio as he suspects both of leaking the details of the video, including the racist comments.

The video was shot in 2006 and originally published on Gawker. In it, Hogan has sex with Heather Clem (the wife of Bubba the Love Sponge) in a private bedroom. The rant, loaded with several n-words, was part of the tape that wasn’t initially released. Hogan said the judge decided that part of the video was confidential and blocked everyone from making it public.

Hogan thinks Gawker went ahead and leaked the rant to another media outlet to make him look bad and hurt his case against them. He believes that if an investigation proves he was right, he wants the people involved in jail and he wants to be named the winner in the $100 million lawsuit.

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