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Alexa Bliss Isn’t Happy With Mainstream Media Outlet For Using Her Photo To Promote Article



Alexa Bliss is none too pleased with Buzzfeed, this after the mainstream media outlet used a photo of her on an article pertaining to people recording other people without their consent.

Earlier this week, the outlet posted an article titled, “31 Things That Influencers Have Normalized That Are Actually So, So Messed Up”. Buzzfeed took to Instagram on Monday to post a photo of Bliss they used in the article, captioning it with,

“ASK PEOPLE BEFORE YOU RECORD THEM! I know plenty of people who hate being recorded and don’t want you filming them.”

Bliss took to Instagram to respond to the photo of her they used in the article. She wrote,

“Hey @BuzzFeed – “ask people before you record them” maybe ask before using my pic.

If you’re gonna steal it, use it for something SOMEWHAT accurate.

I am a professional athlete & sports entertainer. Not an influencer


Buzzfeed has since deleted their Instagram post.

Bam Margera also took to Instagram to post a photo of himself hanging out with WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, which you can see below:

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