I Sure Hope We’re Not Being Set Up Again


The “road to WrestleMania” made a stop in Memphis, Tennessee for WWE RAW on Monday night, and before we get into anything else, let’s all do it together ….


So, WWE isn’t completely crazy after all. After weeks of fearing that they would legitimately go into the biggest show of the year with Randy Orton vs. Batista as the main event, the first seeds were planted in eventually adding the hottest Superstar in the business today into the mix.

And they did it in pretty creative fashion, by the way.

Capitalizing on the recent “hijacking” craze, WWE booked Monday’s RAW to feature a lengthy segment where Daniel Bryan began what they referred to as an “occupy RAW movement.” This saw Bryan bring several members of his beloved “Yes! Movement,” all complete with Daniel Bryan t-shirts, into the ring, where they remained until Bryan got what he wanted.

And then came the curve ball. A pleasant one at that.

WWE decided to add a stipulation to the planned Bryan vs. Triple H match, one that I actually wrote about several weeks ago. After Bryan took over RAW and demanded that he and his “Yes! Movement” get what they want, which initially seemed to simply be “The Game” agreeing to fight him at WrestleMania, he mentioned that that’s not all they wanted. They want Daniel Bryan in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match on the show as well, and if Bryan can defeat Hunter in New Orleans, he will be added to said-title match later in the evening. An enraged Triple H eventually agreed to all of the above.


As is typically the case when something big happens in the world of wrestling, one of my favorite parts is reading the reaction from wrestling fans. After reading some of the comments you’d think everyone knew this was coming all along. “Of course Daniel Bryan was going to be added. They weren’t going to have a heel vs. heel title match as the main event!”

Sure you knew.

Personally, I continued to hold out hope that they would do the right thing, but as the weeks went by and the only hints we saw in the build to WrestleMania were Bryan-HHH and Randy Orton vs. Batista in singles matches, I started to get worried. There were small signs that they left the door open to make the switch, which they fully executed on Monday night in Memphis, but I was really starting to get worried that they weren’t going to do it.

The only question that remains now? Is there any chance that this is a swerve and they have Triple H beat Bryan at WrestleMania? Or worse, he beats Hunter and gets added to the title match, only to lose. This would eliminate the fans hijacking the main event of WrestleMania, since Bryan would be in it and they would expect him to win, and by the time that doesn’t happen, the show is over and there’s nothing left to hijack.

Sound familiar? Anyone remember RAW in Chicago?

Let’s hope we’re not being set up for a reverse-hijacking once again. As was the case prior to Monday’s show in Memphis, I will continue to hold out hope that WWE ultimately does the right thing, but as the saying goes in the wrestling business — anything is possible.

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